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They won’t stop hugging the police officer after he saves the lives of two kitten siblings.

After being taken from an unexpected hiding place by the long arm of the law, two little kittens have found a new home.

Officers Hillard and Adkins, who just so happened to be strolling by, were called for assistance by the mother, who discovered the fluffy twins holed up behind the bumper of her car.

With great pleasure, they offered their help and knelt down to examine the two stowaways.

The woman was clueless as to how the two small stray animals had entered her vehicle.


Adkins was able to gently lift the kittens out by reaching in.

The kitties appeared uninjured despite their loud meowing.

Adkins was the recent recipient of the South District Officer of the Year Award, a distinguished honor.

He had the opportunity to bring home a stunning trophy at that point.

He was going to bring home two little kittens, which would be even more beautiful.

Adkins took the brother and sister to the veterinarian first to make sure they were doing OK.

Since they were obviously extremely little, it was crucial to have them examined thoroughly.

The kittens never stopped cuddling with Adkins during the entire trip to the veterinarian.

Adkins discovered that the ravenous couple was only six weeks old while bottle-feeding them at the veterinarian’s office.

Adkins couldn’t possibly give up the pair by now. He would not let them go since they had cuddled their way into his heart.

Adkins was allowed to take the kittens home when the veterinarian gave him the all-clear that they were healthy.

Adkins came up with a brilliant idea for the names of his new family members: TJ and Max.

Because it so happens that Adkins was merely passing by the automobile that day because he had been looking into a theft occurrence at a nearby business called—you got it—Tj Maxx!

The three of them met through shoplifting, but these adorable creatures have already won our hearts.

Now that they are living with Adkins and his family, the adorable couple is at last as safe as can be.


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