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Their bond was so strong that they passed away within hours of each other.

They died within hours of one another because their bond was so strong.

They were inseparable from the beginning to the end.

When Gabby discovered Grandma, she was two years old. Judy Caponigro told Love Meow, “The shelter volunteers brought three cats to their house for a ‘interview,’ since Grandma and Grandpa were seniors.”

Gabby was the only one of the three shelter cats they encountered that settled in right away. “To get the other two back in the carrier, furniture had to be moved because they were hiding.”

The adorable tabby immediately made them feel at home, and in return, she curled up on a bed and declared the area to be her permanent home.

grandma and beloved cat gabby died within hours of each other

Every day, Grandma loved to read. She made Gabby her reading companion and had company all the time. “She loved reading, so it was a favorite time for her because Gabby would be curled up next to her for the entire duration.”

She was quite adorable. Gabby was always there when Grandma sat down, no matter where she was, Caponigro told Love Meow.

Gabby woke up with her grandmother in the morning and tried to sleep that night by walking on her head. They were like soul partners, dependent on one another. “Grandpa passed away, but they supported one another.” They had a close human-animal bond.

They started to slow down at the same time, having been each other’s closest confidants for 14 years. Gabby let Grandma know she was ready when she would keep to herself for the most of the day and Grandma was unable to eat much.

grandma and beloved cat gabby died within hours of each other

When it was time for Gabby to go, Grandma took her to the veterinarian. It was quite tranquil. Gabby’s eyes were closed for the last time by Grandma, who held her and gave her gentle strokes.

Grandma bid Gabby farewell and headed home. After taking a snooze on the couch, she went with Gabby that day a few hours later.

“Grandma was constantly concerned about Gabby’s fate in the event that she passed away first. I do think that Grandma felt at peace and was able to move on after assisting Gabby on her last journey.


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