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A woman is approached by a nursing dog mom who is trying to assist her kids.

Ashley Boggs has dedicated her life to saving dogs; she has long been involved in pet rescue. She saw a destitute brown dog halting cars and begging for help one day while driving through a Puerto Rican wilderness.

Unlike most stray dogs, who usually hide in the woods or stroll aimlessly down a busy road, this one was acting differently. She looked like she was making a great effort to talk to Boggs!

Mama Dog Beseeches for Just One Item

stray dog mom in a car

When Ashley stepped out of the car, she saw that the dog that had stopped her was a nursing mother in desperate need of help for her newborn puppies. This small puppy was left alone in the woods with no food or water, and she had to take care of her family.

Fortunately, Boggs, a New Yorker who works with Satos Rescue at Miracles, arrived just in time to rescue the day!

puppies in secluded area

Two more puppies were sheltering in the isolated spot in addition to the mother dog, who was subsequently given the name Goji.

From the beginning, all three were amiable, and Boggs had no trouble loading them into her car. But more puppy screams were coming from the woods area, and she knew she had to return and look around a bit more.

At last, Boggs found four more puppies hiding not far from the box they had been tossed. This extraordinarily giving volunteer didn’t give up until she could squeeze all seven of them into her car’s rear.

The Berry Family Was Able to Save Time

woman smiling and holding a dog

When the stray family arrived to the shelter, Boggs and the staff saw to it that they received all the attention they required. They were all hungry and in need of a fresh start, and they got both!

man holding a puppy and a paper with his name

Boggs found the puppies through Miracles for Satos Rescue, a group that rescues, transfers, and seeks permanent homes for dogs from Puerto Rico to New York. The puppies were really lucky!

They were all put in a foster home, where they learned the basics of manners and were exposed to other dogs.

Goji, the mother dog, was the most affectionate dog ever, therefore she had no trouble adjusting to her new surroundings!

There is no dog in the planet like her. She loves every human and dog that she meets. “She loves rubs and cuddles and will even do tricks for treats,” the MFSR team wrote on their Facebook page.

woman holding a puppy named blueberry

The remaining puppies were named Raspberry, Blueberry, Gooseberry, Cloudberry, Blackberry, and Strawberry.

“We picked them from the bushes, so we named them after berries,” the MFSR team said.

A New Beginning Is Ahead

dog mom named goji standing next to another dog

Finally, in her life, Goji could put an end to her concerns about her family’s security. Thanks to her caregivers, who assisted her in lowering her guard, she developed into the sweetest child who wanted nothing more than to make everyone happy when she encountered them.


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