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Scrambling, unkempt kitten spotted by itself around the apartment building

Seeing abandoned cats and kittens fending for themselves is not unusual these days. On the other hand, when someone offers them assistance, it’s very touching.

When this kind woman noticed a filthy stray kitten by himself exploring an apartment building, she took immediate action.

dirty kitten

Upon observing the destitute kitten, the woman realized she had to assist him. She gave him some chicken in an attempt to entice him, but she was unable.

But quitting was not an option. At any costs, she was going to save the cat. Ultimately, her neighbor’s assistance made her rescue effort a success.

gray kitten in a box

She caught the kitten, gave him some much-needed attention, and covered him in a gentle towel.

woman holding a grey kitten

The poor kitten was afraid at first, but he felt much better and calmer when he realized he was in good hands. She remembered:

“We cleaned him of the fleas and dirt, gave him some antibiotics for a mild cold, and he was perfectly well, kneading and purring like crazy, eating a lot, and being incredibly endearing.”

vet and dirty kitten

This little dirty kitten grew into a stunning, wonderful cat in just one day. Nux was his rescuer’s name, and he was given the life he had always earned.

girl with glasses holding a kitten

Nux has developed into a content and healthy cat today, who expresses her thanks to her for saving his life by spending every day in her presence.


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