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Grand Canyon National Park firefighters rescue a cat that got entangled in a tree: the image has the internet in stitches.

Although the old cliché of firefighters saving cats from trees is only seen in old cartoons, there is some truth to it: firefighters are sometimes called to rescue cats who become entangled in trees.

Recently, that occurred in Grand Canyon National Park, and people find the cat’s expression amusing

Grand Canyon National Park posted about the unique rescue on social media on June 21. Somehow, a black-and-white cat ended up stuck high up in a tree, hanging on a branch by its belly.

“Climbing trees for the paw-fect view!” National Park of the Grand Canyon written.

On social media, the cat’s picture went viral, garnering a lot of attention for its peculiar pose and sheepish look.

No photo description available.

One remark says, “That first picture is the epitome of ‘Man, I didn’t think this through.'”

Another individual said, “That cat looks embarrassed more than anything.”

Fortunately, the assistance of several nearby firefighters allowed the cat’s unpleasant predicament to quickly come to an end. The crew can be seen in a picture scaling a ladder to safely lower the cat, embodying the well-worn cliché.

A furry explorer was rescued from the heights of a tree at Grand Canyon by our firefighters and first responders today, as stated in the Facebook post.

Authorities said in an update that they had tracked down the owner of the cat and that the “furry adventurer” was safely back at home. The cat, named Archie, escaped from a nearby residential area in the park, a park official told People.


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