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Nothing Will Prevent This Unsteady Ginger Kitten From Enjoying His Finest Feline Years

Would you ever take in a defective cat as a pet? Most people, I’m sure, would just overlook the sad cat and take in a healthy one in its place. That’s not what this pair does, though. Collin and Daria made the decision to acquire their male cat some company.

The Foster Kittys page piqued the interest of the couple. They found the cutest cat ever after following it. Collin states:

“After that, we discovered he had particular requirements, which we were aware of due of our jobs. We understood that we could create a truly unique bond with this cat.

a cute yellow kitten on a woman's shoulder

Cerebellar hypoplasia affects Phineas. To put it in your better understanding, the VCA Animal Hospitals says:

The brain’s cerebellum fails to develop normally in people with cerebellar hypoplasia, a developmental disorder. The area of the brain responsible for fine motor abilities, balance, and coordination is called the cerebellum. Neither the illness nor its spread are painful.

Phin has the standard signs of cerebellar dysfunction:

• Incoordination, or ataxia

• Overshoot/undershoot dysmetria

• Intentional tremor, or shaking from side to side

He is at ease when he is sleeping because these symptoms are exclusive to times when he moves.

Taking up Phineas

a kitten with a crown on its head sits on the comforter and looks at the camera

Phineas had only been alive for a few weeks when the couple first spotted him on social media. However, the thing that upset them the most was that Phineas’s siblings were all swiftly adopted.

As the only kitten without a permanent home, Phineas was left behind. However, Collin and Daria arrived just in time!

Despite his flaws, Phin is having the finest life ever because to this generous couple. Despite the fact that his cerebellar hypoplasia may impair his coordination and make him shaky, he behaves just like any other cat.

a yellow kitten with an open mouth is standing on the laminate and looking at the camera

According to Collin:

“The fact that he is unaware of any different indicates that he simply does not let it interfere with his happiness.”

Aside from his enormous heart, Phineas is a true gourmet, which makes him very interesting. He loves cat food, but he also always has to check the food meant for humans, which is why his parents started referring to him as Chief Inspector Phin.

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