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A Yorkie was chosen by a stray kitten to protect her from the harsh street life.

The sight of cats and dogs being best friends brings me the most joy. At last, the rumors of them being declared enemies are starting to fade!

I’ve told you about numerous rescue tales in which a dog assisted his owner in saving a homeless kitten. But in today’s tale, Hazel, the cute Yorkie, made the decision to take matters into her own hands!

Yorkie and kitten

As Hazel and her mother strolled along as usual in the morning, a small fluffy creature chose to emerge from its hiding spot.

A little, abandoned 3-week-old calico kitten was found wandering the streets by itself. This little bundle of fluff realized that she might have a chance to be adopted after seeing Hazel and her mother!

Yorkie and stray kitten

Initially, Hazel was perplexed. This little thing was meowing at her, and the cat chose to follow Hazel rather than her owner!

After persistently trailing Hazel, the perceptive Yorkie sensed she might be getting a new sibling. Hazel would so turn around after each stride to make sure the kitten was keeping up.

stray kitten and dog

After making careful to record everything on camera, Hazel’s mother allowed her to carry the kitten home.

Hazel gradually took the kitten inside. Hazel leaped inside as their mother opened the door, ready for her new sister to follow.

dog playing with kitten

Nevertheless, the cat was too small to climb the stairway by herself. Hazel was there to assist, and she carried the kitten inside by gently placing her in her mouth!

adorable stray kitten

The kitten was fostered by Hazel and her mother, but a family member formally adopted her. With the assistance of a dog, the little fluffy ball found her eternal home!



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