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A firefighter adopts a puppy who lost her leg after being struck by a car because they saved her life.

Puppy who lost leg after being hit by car gets adopted by firefighter who saved her

A dog was in a vehicle accident and lost her limb; however, she was shortly adopted by the man who saved her!

A small pit bull mix puppy was struck by a car, and two teenage bystanders saw it happen. They took the dog to Engine Co. 19 of the Buffalo Fire Department.

Among the firemen who hurried to save the puppy was Anthony Pulvino.

Pulvino told Fox News Digital, “She didn’t seem to be in too much pain, but one of her rear legs was a little messed up.” She did have severe road rash, so we cleaned up her cuts and gave her treatment.

She was subsequently taken to the emergency veterinarian by the firefighters. Since the dog lacked a collar and identification, Pulvino felt

Pulvino added, “I left my phone number and said if nobody claims her, I’d love to take her.” “I really want a puppy,” I had informed the guys. “Yes, you could bring her to the house at any time,” they said.

Due of injuries, the puppy’s shattered right rear leg had to be amputated. However, when the dog had treatment, the veterinarian got in touch with Pulvino, who remained keen on bringing the now three-legged dog home.

Although she suffered an injury, the Buffalo Fire Department stated on Facebook that she will “be fine and live a normal life.”

The department added, “She is now living her best life with FF Pulvino taking long walks, jumping around, and loving her new home.”

Now, the dog goes by “Auburn,” named for a street close to the firehouse.

Pulvino said, “She’s doing great,” to Fox News. “You wouldn’t even be aware that she is trilingual. She was running about Knox Farms faster than some of the four-legged dogs when I took her there the other day.

We appreciate you saving this kind dog and providing her with a forever home! Kindly tell this adorable story! ❤️

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