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When a Japanese girl gave her ailing and cranky grandfather a cat, it completely altered his life.

The brave cat Kinako is credited with rescuing the ailing elderly man Jiji from a life of bitterness. It has been a long time since his grandfather has smiled, according to Jiji’s granddaughter Akiko. He was diagnosed with a disease in 2009, and ever since then, his zest for life has begun to fade. Fortunately, Jiji’s story didn’t have to finish that way since, after Akiko gave his grandfather a cat, his inner happy man began to flourish once more.The cat turned became the protagonist of Jiji’s story when the happiness of having Kinako the cat as a companion reawakened Jiji’s sense of purpose. To view the remainder of their story, scroll down.

Jiji had been employed for sixty-four years when she was given a health diagnosis in 2009. His outlook on life was severely damaged by these events, and he became a grouchy old man as a result.

He had no idea that a cat would permanently alter his pessimistic outlook on life.

The cat was a little shy when Akiko initially brought him home, but with time he warmed up to Jiji.

He has kept Jiji company ever since, as she has discovered her life’s purpose once more.

If grandfather is perusing a fresh document…

Or even simply when he’s sleeping

Kinako is like an angel of protection, she is constantly there.

They engage in fun together as well.


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