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You’ll get kitten fever after seeing this adorable male cat interact with his babies.

Although we frequently witness kittens with their mothers, it’s time to witness the entire family at play. Prepare yourselves for a very touching reunion with this furry family.

Introducing Lulu, a stunning blue tabby Scottish Fold cat who recently gave birth to kittens with attractive shell silver British Shorthair cat Leo.

We have the opportunity to witness father cats interacting with their young because Leo and Lulu share a roof. They seem to be just as puzzled as most dads, so let me tell you right away that they’re not that different from us!

white cat and three gray kittens

Until they opened their eyes and ears and were prepared to investigate their environment, the kittens were under the care of their mother.

When they got to that point, they could at last meet their father, Leo. A group of cuddly kittens are shown in the video below suspiciously approaching Leo, who seems a little perplexed himself.

Leo is very wary of the kittens, and it’s obvious that this is their first time meeting based on the way he sniffs them. So, the question is, are male cats able to identify their own kittens?

According to the majority of studies, male cats can identify their offspring by scent. But since every cat is different, some father cats might be somewhat interested in their kittens.

Gray kitten and white cat

white cat and gray kitten

It’s interesting to note that male indoor cats form bonds with their kittens more quickly than outdoor counterparts, and they frequently provide growth assistance to them.

Father cats may develop close relationships with their furry offspring and play an important role in their life, even though the mother cat will always hold a special place in the hearts of the kittens.

Male cats, especially those kept indoors, have a tendency to get quite protective of their kittens over time and even go so far as to play with or groom them.

cat laying down and two kittens sitting

Conversely, some father cats may show less interest in their kittens or even become distant from them. As a result, it’s imperative to be cautious around them, particularly in the beginning.

Furthermore, there’s not much to worry about as long as their mother is there, like Lulu in the video. She clearly has enough faith in Leo to allow him to go close to the kittens, yet she never leaves their side to make sure they are secure and happy.

white fluffy cat and kittens

It is evident to everyone who watches the film and is a testimonial to a mother’s love. Many viewers were astounded by the video’s sweetness and commented in ways like:

Heart-soothing and comforting are the adorable kittens and mother-daddy cats who nurture and care for their offspring. Many thanks for the upload ❤❤✦.

“These parents are the most laid-back and contented people I’ve ever met; they must know something we don’t.” Cool kittens, awesome

Even a lighthearted joke about the daddy cat’s lack of interest was made by someone:

I am not at fault, Daddy Cat. He must be wondering, “Not a single mostly white kitten?” Are you certain that the mailman is not your father?

Whether you’re interested in them or not, this furry family has made people smile.

white cat hugging a kitten

Ultimately, the mother cat assumes the role of primary caregiver, with the father cat primarily there for playing. However, they’re always willing to offer assistance when needed!


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