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Who has the greatest cloud? Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform rule the U.S. public cloud market, with Oracle thumping on the entryway. However, the information are muddled by definitions that can make correlations among them practically incomprehensible.

Amazon has the most clear story: AWS had net deals of $12.7 billion in the final quarter, and $45.4 billion for all of 2020. Deals were up 28% for the quarter, and 30% for the entire year.

Letters in order (GOOGL) detailed income of $3.8 billion for its Google Cloud business portion in the most recent quarter, up 47%. However, that incorporates results not just from the Google Cloud Platform, its public cloud business, yet additionally from Google Workspace, the assortment of profitability instruments that used to be called G Suite. Letter set says that GCP—the piece that rivals AWS—is becoming quicker than its general cloud business, yet gives no subtleties.

Microsoft’s numbers are more chaotic. The organization (MSFT) said that “business cloud income” was $16.7 billion in the December quarter, up 34% from a year prior. Yet, that is not a real detailing fragment—the organization doesn’t give the number each quarter. Furthermore, it moves up Azure as well as Office 365 and different things.

Maddeningly, Microsoft likewise has a covering formal business section called Intelligent Cloud, which incorporates Azure, yet additionally SQL Server, Windows Server, Visual Studio, and GitHub, among different components. Canny Cloud had income of $14.6 billion in the most recent quarter, up 23%. Purplish blue income rose half in the quarter, however—moan—Microsoft offers no dollar figure.

Prophet ‘s approach isn’t any better. The greater part of its corporate income, including cloud memberships, is folded into a pail called “cloud administrations and permit uphold,” which was $7.1 billion in the quarter finished in November, up 4% from a year sooner, and representing 71% of income. That fundamentally incorporates all cloud administrations, in addition to any common membership administrations. Prophet (ORCL) part of the way breaks out some cloud-related pieces, yet gives no dollar figures.


Who dominate the Cloud?