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The veterinarian had a better idea when they brought a cat with an injured leg to be put down.

The majority of people would prefer take responsibility and help a wounded cat than to ignore it or put it to death. Unfortunately, it’s the simplest solution. However, some people make the opposite decision.

When this stunning orange cat was taken to the veterinarian to have her injured leg amputated, veterinary surgeon Dr. Matt McGlasson had other ideas.

While feeding stray animals, a number of people observed a beautiful orange cat with an injured leg. Their hearts were won over by the cat, and they realized they had to take action.

They soon discovered the cat was in excruciating pain and decided they could not let him suffer any longer.

veterinarian with cat

Luckily, highly skilled veterinary surgeon Dr. McGlasson recognized there was more than one option. His better ideas would have helped the cat and given him hope for a better future. He declared:

“My staff is aware of my fondness for cats; in fact, during COVID, while our children were finishing school at home, we actually rescued and cared for kittens.” They asked the client to sign a transfer of ownership of the cat to me.

He looked the cat over and decided there was no reason to put it down. He thought that by helping the cat, he may eventually find him a forever home.

After giving the cute little furry boy the name Nemo, Dr. McGlasson began to treat him. Regretfully, Nemo had to have his limb amputated due to severe injuries.

But since Nemo was in capable hands, the procedure went smoothly, and everyone was delighted to assist him in getting used to his new three-legged lifestyle.

veterinarian holding a cat

Nemo expressed his gratitude to everyone for their assistance and excellent care during his recuperation.

Dr. McGlasson also became attached to him and stated:

“You’ve never met a sweeter cat than him. He is concerned about everyone.

Dr. McGlasson also became attached to him and stated:
“You’ve never met a sweeter cat than him. He is concerned about everyone.
Despite their close relationship and Nemo’s kind and compassionate nature, Dr. McGlasson expressed regret for not being able to adopt Nemo. The veterinarian already had multiple cats.

However, Nemo’s good fortune persisted. He was instantly taken in by one of the vet techs, who made the decision to give him a caring forever home.

With delight, Dr. McGlasson informed his followers of the following:

He’s doing incredibly well. He travels well on three legs and likes to be a house cat.

I can’t get enough of these stories, and this one has a wonderful conclusion that will make your heart sing.

From being a cat that was brought in to be put down, Nemo has transformed into a content three-legged cat that lives in his forever home. All of this is due to the compassionate veterinarian who understood exactly what to do, as well as the people who thought Nemo should have the opportunity to lead a happy life!


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