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The “saddest cat in the world” turns out to have a rather unusual condition.

Introducing Augool, the sensational cat with a rare ailment who gained notoriety for his unusually attractive face.

due of the way he often appears, Augool has been dubbed “the unfair cat” due of his appearance. His expression suggests that he is depressed most of the time.

cat with unique face

Looks, though, are sometimes deceiving. Augool, in spite of his peculiar facial traits, is a happy and satisfied cat. Even though he has an uncommon ailment that gives him his unique appearance, he leads the finest possible life.

His eyes are small and frequently appear to be barely open, yet they do enlarge somewhat when necessary.

white and gray cat sitting

The proprietor of Augool tells the sweet tale of how they got together:

They claimed that the dog I went to groom was an abandoned cat. I then brought him home. His eyes were large and glittery then, but with time, the lids have lowered.

cat with sad face

Augool’s owner became more concerned about his health and took him to the veterinarian to rule out any serious problems. It was established by the vets that Augool has ptosis.
Ptosis, according to VCA, is a condition in which the forehead muscles weaken and cause the upper eyelids to droop. Fortunately, Augool is unaffected by this problem.

cat with angry face

Although Augool’s distinctive appearance could be improved with cosmetic surgery, his owner doesn’t think it’s necessary. With pride, he says:

“Augool is a very special cat and very charming because of his unique look.”

Augool has gained a lot of love and support on the internet and has won the hearts of many cat lovers all around the world.

His distinct face conveys a tale of tenacity and uniqueness, serving as a reminder that our differences can also serve to highlight our greatest qualities.






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