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The driver stopped after becoming alarmed upon seeing a “white trash bag” in the middle of the road.

This little puppy puzzled for days why someone would so callously throw her into a ditch.

She was in pain, hungry, and afraid. waiting and gradually giving up on hope.

If you weren’t going to love me, why did you get me? What is causing my hunger? I’m in a ditch, but why? How come everything hurts? Why not?

She will, regrettably, never be able to find the answers to so many unanswered questions, but that no longer matters.

She made the choice to trust a human voice one final time, and happily, love—the one that will never abandon her—was bestowed upon her.

Please assist me.

tiny puppy in a ditch

One afternoon, while strolling along the road, the creator of “Ruby and Laurel Animal Rescue, Inc.”—a rescue organization situated in North Carolina—suddenly noticed a little white head emerging from the ditch.

Her eyes shocked her beyond belief.

She was struck by the foul scent of her mangey skin as she knelt to become more at her level.

It was almost miraculous that the founder of an animal sanctuary happened to come upon the desperately needy dog.

“Despite having witnessed the worst that people can do, this baby belly crept out of the ditch and into my arms. “She is scheduled to receive medical attention and vaccinations tomorrow,” Founder and Executive Director Margaret Hamilton said on TikTok.

Even though the puppy had endured a great deal in her brief existence, she managed to find the strength to crawl out of the ditch and into the loving arms of the stranger.

She sank into Margaret’s arms right away, giving so much love in spite of everything.

The poor puppy’s skin was extremely painful and red, and she had sunburn on top of her demodectic mange.

The Path To Recuperation

rescued puppy in a car

Maggie took the puppy to the North Carolina veterinarian facility the following morning so it could be examined. She was about three years old and heartworm-negative, according to the veterinarian, but she still required medication to cure her mange and ringworm.

Everyone was surprised that she was nearly three years old because she appeared so small. Her first three years of life must have been quite difficult.

puppy lying on a blanket

Two days after being saved, Slurpee underwent such a drastic transformation. She became the happiest little child ever as her small personality grew.

Slurpee’s skin condition is already improving, and she is feeling better every day. Maggie said on TikTok, “Demodectic mange looks scary, but it’s not contagious.”


@maggierlarMedical Update! Slurpee is approximately 3 years old and is heartworm NEGATIVE! Happy happy happy dance!

♬ original sound – Maggie

She should be fully recovered and able to forget about the ditch she was cruelly tossed into in a few weeks.

You have better days ahead of you, my dear.


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