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Skills that you need in order to because, so let’s go ahead and get started with the attend events. So first, will understand why you should actually go ahead and beat log into your, what are the birds are being about engineering? And after that, we understand what a cloud engineers. Basically do, right? Will understand various job, descriptions will see, what the day-to-day responsibilities are.

And then, we’ll I’m uploading the name, and by understanding the skills required to become a cloud engineer. And then, finally, I’ll be talking about a learning path through which you can gain all those skills. So, guys, this is the end of the session, I hope it’s clear to you. Now, let’s go ahead and start off with why you should actually go ahead and become a cloud engineer. So guys, Cloud engineer, if you want to become, there are three things that I want to talk to you about first, is the kind of job opportunities, which are out there.

Can those two kind of salary which allowed into the air gets? And third thing is, who all companies are hiring for basically, a cloud engine. So these are the three things that we will be talking about. So let’s go ahead and start off with the first thing, which is what are the different kind of job opportunities, which are out there, right? So when you talk about job opportunities, that is, if you search for a cloud engineer, right now, you will get twenty six hundred plus job positions which are weakened. And if you just talked about Bangalore which I am situation, is situated in the Are 900 plus job positions just in background.

Similarly, in the you It’s a lot more. So, in the u.s., if you search for a cloud engineer or a develops engineer, the salary is around the kind of jobs, which are out there are around 21,000, plus, and even job positions, which are out there are 1200 plus right now, you might be wondering this title of the slide is why become a developed some video. So, there is cloud engineer and develops. Engineer is an interchangeable down, and let me prove that to you.

Let’s search for cloud engineer. So when you solve for cloud engineer, or the see, the kind of sort of the first shot that you get, you get a develops Engineers. Know what is the second job, period? You get a divorce Engineers of what is the third dog Zippy job? They’re going to get a cloud engineer job, right? Then you get a cloud engineer again, but then you can get it. Obscurity is engineer.

So Cloud engineer, and develops engineer term is basically interchangeable. Right. You can use it, you know, interchangeably be and that also speaks a ton about what are the skills required. We can’t load engineer, which I’ll be touching upon in a few moments. But yes, what are the different kind of job opportunities for about engineer? You have the number over here and similarly, if we talk about the salary of a cloud or devops engineer in India, you can earn between eighty thousand to one lakh on an average. And he can earn even more than this is when this is an average. There are

Dogs are basically aunts similarly in the u.s. he underground, $11,250 to $16,000, that would be the ideal range of a cloud or devops engineer in the US and India. Now, talking about, you know, how you should actually calculate your salary or what company is you should actually apply for when you’re trying to become either upload, a devops engineer, you can basically, you know, follow this metric. So if the pipe and company that Clang to is basically a product based company and you get hired. You can basically expect no salary to be on the higher side. However, if you are going to a service-based concrete company, in that case, the salary can be on the lower side and the sole reason for that is when you did me a service based company, the same company is providing your sources to multiple companies.

All right, so how much profit you make to the to the clients company? Does not matter because it’s a service contract that the company has, right? So you are expected to perform good. But when you work, for a sole product, you are basically, you know, you are basically given incentive on the basis of how good, or how long you can make that particular Go just with the help of, you know, your inputs on the company. Write, for example, if I own a company and I hire you and because of you, my website has become a lot better. My performance of the website has become

Impacting my business. I would obviously, you know, reward you in terms of salary benefits, but let’s say, if I’m a service based company so what will I do? I will basically Outsource crowd Engineers to companies who know, Clara, need Cloud Engineers for some work of this. Now, over there. How when I perform, right, I might get a letter of appreciation from that company. I might, you know, get that Lee. I’m the best route engineer that they have heard from from that particular company but that That is the most about it.

The company that I am working for. Right, that company does not care how much business is there climb doing, right? Some sums of us-based companies. Probably might have an incentive but I have not you know basically heard of any company giving an incentive to a service based company based on the fact how well you know their it guy the Performing so that would be 1 by the salary is different from to then you have something called a Experience.

If you have a non zero, to five years of experience, you can expect a certain salary range. However, if you have around 5 to 10 years of experience, you can expect a different salary days. Now this is again, debatable. So the number that I’ve mentioned over here 0 to 5 years of 5, to 10 years is solely on the basis of how much, you know, skilled you have become in the job that you do. So, even a guy who has learned crowd in the Box for six months and he has learned through and through here wanted Best way that he can read, he can still perform better than a guy who is probably working in the cloud and devops domains in the past four years. So it’s all debatable and that’s why even companies is they don’t consider the years the number of years of experience as basically a criteria when they’re hiring a candidate, right? If the candidate has answered all the questions if he has all the experience.

Obviously he would be preferred over a candidate who might have more number of years of experience. But does not have, you know, the same kind of technical skills that this guy has, right? And the third thing is your potential and your personal Skin. So how where you can send your resume how well you can, you know, kill yourself in the job that you’re applying for. That matter is a lot and that would actually decide your salary as well moving forward. Who is hiring for a cloud above senior. So all these companies, these are all Fortune, 500 companies, who are looking for

Cloud, or a devops engineer. It and if you are o, choose to go in this to mean, these are some of the top companies that you can apply for. But obviously, the list doesn’t end here. Even a start up these days who have now had a successful product. And is now looking to scale, would need a cloud adopts engineer to scale, otherwise they cannot skip until, and unless they, you know, they they Outsource that service which seldom is the case with startups, with that is usually the case with mncs But yes, they would require a cloud or Dobbs engineer moving forward. Now that you understood that cloud engineer is such an in-demand, right? And they are so important to so many companies, what is exactly that, a cloud engineer basically does. Let’s go ahead and understand that. So, talking other job descriptions, guys. Again, I have taken job descriptions of cloud or devoxx engineer. So here you can see, there’s a job by

For a profile called devoxx engineer and what they are expecting that person to know is all these things which are highlighted in yellow. So if I were to take a note of these, basically are expected to know about apis, you’re expected to know about Linux operating system build tools, such as great deal of Maven. Get bitbucket Jenkins. Other see, ICD tools, and obviously Cloud. So you can see experience with working with Cloud infrastructure. And when they say cloud infrastructure, No, top three Cloud providers. AWS is your and Google Cloud platform. If you know any of these three, it’ll work out for you. Some companies expect you to know even more than one, right?

And we’ll talk more about, you know, what are the different kind of skills, but this particular company at Oracle their job profile. At Oracle is basically expecting these skills moving forward at VMware. You know, you are, these are the skills that they’re expecting you to know they are expecting you to know. Ew. This, big ol PD y, en route 53, which are all cloud services. Then they’re all expecting you to not developed tools. Such as Tara forms, just draw curves such as Jenkins. They also expected in a cloud automation software’s. Right? So, these are all the different kinds of skills, which are expected, right? Similarly, at Amazon, if you’re applying as a cloud develops engineer, they will expect it or Linux Cloud databases Java or C++.

So if we were to So, basically some down the kind of skills, which are required from a cloud or devops engineer based on the job descriptions that we just saw, these are the different kind of skills, which are basically expected. All right, so we have ruled out Google Cloud over here because it’s the third largest cloud provider, mostly 90% of the companies which have their infrastructure and Cloud will either have it on AWS or we’ll have it on as you’re right.

Company, which are dealing in the public Cloud to me, right? So these are the two kind of cloud providers that you will see them. Use some also have their own cloud infrastructure. Such as some use openstack, some use digital ocean as well as some use Alibaba Cloud as well. So it’s all there. It’s on you, you know, which company they want applying to, okay, moving forward. What are the day-to-day responsibilities or roles of a cloud in jail? So, first of all, you will have to You know, create a develops pipeline for them. What is devops? What attacked exactly it is probably, that is for some other session to be but devops is. Basically, you can understand it as a skin which is required to make the software development lifecycle, very smooth, it automates that life cycle at automate that pipeline. We have to make sure that the pipeline is running smooth or you have to make sure that the interaction between the technical team members is very clear.

With respect to the requirements that are required for a particular job. You know, you have to work on any testing backlog which is there and you need to figure out a way to automate it. You have to manage the infrastructure which they haven’t Cloud. You have to manage how a they can migrate their legacy systems on to Cloud such as AWS. Or is your, you have to figure out how to train the existing team that you have on the technologies that, you know, of For example, if you are trying to implement devops Do not contain, you will have to teach them about what is Jenkins. You will have to teach them about what is darker. And when all of this is done only then, you know, they would be able to go ahead and work with stuff. And again documentation is also some How to make it more sustainable.

So that even if the team changes in the future, they should be able to understand and work on the product that are basically developing. Okay, okay. Now let’s come to the fact that how to become a cloud adoption engineer. Okay? So if you go ahead and learn all these skills, you can go ahead. And covid-19 5% of skills, which are basically expected from a devops of cloud engineer. So, you should have an understanding of all major developers tools. You should have an understanding about Cloud infrastructure.


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