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Sad Reason Forced An Older Man To Give Up His Senior Cat To The Manhattan Shelter

Shelters frequently receive older cats that have been abandoned, but this 14-year-old ginger cat wasn’t there on purpose.

Pumpkin, a ginger cat, spent a considerable amount of time living with his elderly owner. Regretfully, due to a number of health problems, he was forced to give Pumpkin up to the Manhattan shelter in order to receive better care.

senior cat in the shelter

Unfortunately, Pumpkin was not doing well at all. In addition to having matted fur, he suffered from other health problems, including dental disease, ear mites, upper respiratory infections, and more. Evelyne, a rescuer, also mentioned:

He may be a little scrawny and a little thin, but he is definitely not lacking in affection for others. He’s such a sweet character, and he’s so glad to have company.

photo of a senior cat

The cat’s poor state was not deliberate in the slightest. Due to personal problems, his owner was unable to provide for him and had to give up his cat in order to get the assistance he needed. An explanation of Timber’s Legacy
“Pumpkin’s elderly owner had to give him up after being brought into care. Given that he had personal health problems, it seems that his owner was unable to provide for him. There was no deliberate disregard.

senior cat with matted fur

Pumpkin avoided euthanasia and was granted a second opportunity in life to make the most of his golden years, all because to the Manhattan shelter and Timber’s Legacy.

close photo of a senior cat

But despite his terrible state, Pumpkin’s love for everyone melted everyone’s hearts. Timber’s Legacy expressed:

“Whatever time he has left, he deserves to be in a loving home.”

Medication and other required treatments were given to Pumpkin in order to assist him in getting back into condition. He was purring and showing everyone love during his treatments, as if he realized they were doing him a favor.

senior cat lying on the floor

Pumpkin was placed in isolation by the veterinarian after his treatment so that he might be discharged securely.

Pumpkin received palliative treatment and a “fospice” home where he could live out his golden years in peace when he had fully recovered both inside and out.

senior ginger cat on the floor

For this ginger furball, everything worked out better than anticipated, and his foster parents are enamored with his endearing and kind demeanor. They declared:

“What a lovely kitty, one who probably looks to foster care to fill his days with comfort and affection. Who knows? Perhaps with the right attention, food, and hydration, his condition could become better. An elderly person who was unwell most likely found it very challenging to care for a pet. Pumpkin wishes she could still feel the comforts of home. He has so much love to give still.

senior cat in a new home

Pumpkin became attached to everyone in his foster home right away and rapidly adjusted. His foster family doesn’t have to worry about paying for his veterinary care because of the rescue and generous donations, and his condition is still getting better.

Pumpkin is excited to live out the rest of his years as he deserves, having embraced his second chance at life.


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