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Man Has Never Been a Cat Fan, But ‘Grumpy-Looking’ Cat with Big Cheeks and Droopy Eyes Steals His Heart

cat man best friends

Because of his allergies, Bob never saw himself as a “cat guy” or as owning a feline friend. At least, that was the situation until about two months ago.

Following their trip, Bob and his spouse Jo-Anne learned of a cat that had been saved from the icy cold and was now covered in snow.

“Our friends told us about this amazing grumpy-looking cat that had no neck, enormous cheekbones, and drooping eyes. “Well, he sounds just like me,” Bob remarked. Jo-Anne gave Love Meow a share.


cat big cheeks rescued

After his rescue, Shuswap Paws Rescue Society brought him in, gave him veterinary care, and started looking for the big-cheeked boy a foster home.

Bob and Jo-Anne consented to visit the cat at their residence. “Like the boss he is, he strolled straight in and pushed against us. He wasn’t at all nervous or hesitant, as we had anticipated.”


cat rolling belly rubs

His dominant demeanor gained him the nickname El Jefe, which translates to “the boss,” right away. He invited Bob to rub his belly as he plopped down in front of him.

Bob was shocked by the cat’s friendliness and how fast he warmed up to them. “I already have a feeling that this will succeed. I am on the verge of tears. He fought back a tear as he answered, “I don’t even like cats.”

cat sleeping human

Even though Jefe needed dental work and had some frostbite wounds, he was happy to have a roof over his head and a supportive family. Jo-Anne recalled, “We decided there and then that we would foster him.”

Jefe slept comfortably that night, squeezed between the couple in bed. “My spouse used to sneeze a lot, but he now takes allergy medication before bed. Jefe was sleeping between our heads by the following evening.”

cat man friends

On the sixth night, Bob awoke to find Jefe taking care of his hair and treating him like a son, as though he was trying to win him over. “That was definitely a sign of affection and love for Bob.”

Jefe took on the role of Bob’s shadow and insisted on accompanying him everywhere.

cat man best friends

Jefe lay behind a table in the garage that Bob was refinishing. When the compressor in front of him turned on, he didn’t even move; instead, he kept watching Bob sand the table.

“Maybe we can’t keep Bob? I suggested when he started sneezing a lot. He shot me a stern “No.” Jefe has his home here and will always be ours.”

cat man sleeping

Every day, Jefe embarks on excursions with Bob and hardly ever leaves his side.

“He stays close to Bob as he cuts wood for our outdoor fire pit. He has accompanied us in my spouse’s vintage pickup truck. Bob enjoys having El Jefe accompany him since he used to frequently travel in the truck while renovating houses with his favorite old dog, Reggie.”

cat kitchen man best friends

Bob and Jefe are closely related, and they have many of the same characteristics and routines. Jefe goes with Bob wherever he goes.

cat man best friends

Even though Bob can occasionally wake up in the middle of the night with Jefe right next to his face and sneezing, he wouldn’t trade Jefe for anything.

cat man best friends


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