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In a tender show of affection, protective tabby kittens snuggle into a cozy circle around their shivering sister.

Some people think that compassion and loyalty are qualities unique to humanity. But we see on a daily basis that even animals are capable of such great deeds.

Three abandoned kitten siblings are shown to have a sweet and protective bond in one such instance that was captured on camera in Naples, Florida. Let’s wrap up this heartwarming tale.

One day, Purradise Gardens president Megan Sorbara received a report about abandoned kittens near an adjacent building while she was on her way to grab ice cream.

She abandoned her original ideas and surged into action right away. But when she got closer to that spot, she observed something odd.

The Link That Will Never Break

cats hug and warm themselves

When Megan returned from her ice cream break, nothing could have prepared her for what she saw: Their white sister, shaking and in great fear, was encircled by two tabby kittens.

Those two kittens seemed to know that their sister wasn’t feeling well, so they tried their hardest to make her feel better.

Their devotion to comforting their sister and their love for her touched Megan deeply. Their relationship was clearly close!

cute kittens on the sheets

She assumed their mother had permanently left them as she was nowhere to be located. Megan transported them to the shelter, where they received much-needed treatment, after gently picking them up off the ground.

Megan gave them names at the shelter as well: Coconut for the white kitten, and Pistachio and Praline for the two tabbies.

It only seemed natural to give them names inspired by ice cream, as she was going to have some when fate took her to them.

They learned at the shelter that Pistachio and Praline were quite justified in being worried about their sister. Coconut was severely hindered in her capacity to walk independently, and her head was inclined upward abnormally.

cute white kitten

Megan assumed that Coconut was afflicted with a neurological ailment based on her state. However, they couldn’t have known for sure because the veterinarian wasn’t accessible soon away.

She made the decision to massage Coconut in the hopes that it would alleviate her condition.

Fortunately, Megan’s attempts to assist Coconut weren’t made alone. Praline and Pistachio were always there, giving their sister constant cuddles while trying to soothe and heal her.

It’s true what they say: Nothing compares to sibling love. But Coconut had another special someone she could confide in at the shelter.

A Distinctive Bond
Unbelievably, Megan’s dog Bitsy was Coconut’s special companion!

portrait of a dog with a teddy bear

Bitsy, a self-described cat lover, was instantly enamored with the trio of kittens! But the person who most attracted her attention was Coconut.

a playful dog with a cat

In the space of a few seconds, they bonded as best buddies! When Coconut began to feel better, Megan moved her to Bitsy’s bed, where they instantly began to play and cuddle, which was very beneficial to Coconut’s recovery. Megan stated:

It is really beneficial to Coconut. She can stretch, move, climb, and do other beneficial things for her muscles with its assistance.

kittens curled up on the bed

In the meantime, the rescue organization never ceased searching Naples, Florida and surrounding areas for the missing mother of the kittens. They would occasionally get a momentary glimpse of her, but she would always take off running.

She watched them capturing other cats without knowing what to do with them, which made her very frightened and cautious. For the longest period, she maintained her distance.

the white kitten breastfeeds the cat

But in the end, they managed to capture her and brought her to the refuge.

She was happy to meet Megan, who quickly thought of the ideal name for her: Vanilla Bean, modeled after another ice cream flavor, of course!

Vanilla Bean was thrilled to see her pups again after a little separation. It’s likely that she was glad to know that those individuals genuinely cared about her well-being and hadn’t intended any harm.

portrait of three cute cats


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