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Foster Kitty Smiles Adorably for the Camera, and the Snapshot Becomes Instantly Famous

As they say, “The most beautiful thing you can wear” is a smile, and Blossom’s smile proves that statement to be accurate.

By agreeing to a picture shoot and grinning broadly at the camera, the cute little rescue kitty has managed to win people over and spark conversations all across the world.3

The young kitten, who was adopted by her foster mother Lauren Boutz together with her two sisters, Bubbles and Buttercup, gained widespread attention after an especially endearing picture of her appeared online.

Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup were taken in by Lauren Boutz when they were just teeny tiny kittens.

At only one-week-old, they were too small to find their forever families, and so they moved in with Boutz who has fostered many little kittens over the years.

Under Boutz’s nurturing, the young kittens flourished and before long, they were running around the home.

Boutz was enamored with her little Powerpuff girls since they were kind and daring

One day, Boutz decided to set up a little photoshoot with the now five-week-old kittens.

The trio was heart-meltingly cute and just had to be immortalized.

At that moment, Blossom chose to display her greatest quality, her grin.

Blossom gave the camera a wide, gorgeous smile when Boutz turned the camera on the little kitten, and that smile has since warmed people’s hearts all around the world.

The little kitten’s impossibly dazzling smile showcased just how happy she felt living with Boutz and her sisters, and when Boutz posted the picture online, it immediately went viral.

People could barely believe that a cat as cute and precious as Blossom could even exist.

Blossom’s smile has spread love and happiness to countless people from all over the world and has spread awareness of rescue cats, fostering and adoption.

It’s wonderful to imagine just how many lives she’s touched with her smile, and just how much happiness a simple smile can inspire.


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