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Fearless Mother Cat Confronts Her Fear Of People And Returns To Save Her Cherished Offspring

The love of a mother has immense power.

Co-founder of Wrenn Rescues Alissa Smith got a call regarding 10-day-old kittens in need of rescue. They had already been rescued by Downey, California shelter workers, but they still required more seasoned assistance. Alissa revealed:

“With only fifteen minutes remaining, nobody else could rescue them. Fortunately, the networking group managed to extract them without incident, and a lovely woman named CJ drove them to us in Ventura County, California.”

two cats hugging

When visitors first noticed these kittens and their mother in someone’s yard, the mother became frightened and fled the scene.

They were bottle-fed at the center by Ashley, a volunteer foster parent, and Jenifer Hurt, a co-founder of the organization.

The kittens’ mother cat was clearly giving them excellent care. Upon arriving at the shelter, abandoned kittens typically never get to see their mother again. Another compelling argument against bringing kittens to a shelter and in favor of leaving them where they are found and waiting for their mother.

many kittens in the cage

While Jenifer and Ashley planned to bottle-feed the kittens until they were ready to be weaned, an amazing event occurred!

The mother cat was found looking for her kittens at the home of the rescuers who had first brought the kittens to the shelter. The next day, they caught her and brought her and her children back together.

four kittens sleeping

She was a little timid and afraid when she first arrived at this California shelter, but Ashley soon won her over by bringing her one of the kittens.

She appeared to calm down when I held a baby up to her. Using it, we managed to get her out of the carrier. She immediately went over and snuggled up, purring, in the middle of her kittens. Without delay, they all approached her and began nursing.

four kittens playing

The mother cat then began to nurse her young and purr. It was a very touching reunion.

It’s really amazing that this miracle happened. The reunion went quite well, and that’s an understatement.

cat with kittens

Ashley woke up the next morning to the sound of the mother cat purring contentedly.

mother cat playing with kittens

She refused to let her kittens go as she held them. Take a look at this touching video of the cute cat family:


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