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Producing nearly $53 billion in cloud income during their latest quarters, the world’s 9 biggest and most-persuasive cloud suppliers have posted development rates going from Google Cloud’s highest level 46.6% to the head-scratching 8% for IBM and SAP.

On my week after week Cloud Wars Top 10 rankings, Microsoft is #1, Google Cloud is #3, SAP is #5, Oracle is #6, ServiceNow is #7, and IBM is #9. The numbers appeared in the feature above and clarified in this article have to do with cloud-income development rates for the merchants’ latest quarters.

As a matter of first importance, praise to Google Cloud and Oracle for accomplishing hypergrowth status in the present unimaginably serious market.

Also, since we last stack-positioned the quickest developing significant cloud suppliers, Salesforce, Workday and Oracle have delivered new quarterly considers that I’ve joined along with the neighboring table.

Of those three organizations for which we have new data, maybe the greatest shock came from Oracle.


While the organization didn’t deliver an all-in figure for cloud income, it dropped enough pieces of information to permit eyewitnesses interestingly to draw a profoundly taught surmise at exactly how huge its cloud income is, and how rapidly that figure’s developing. On its March 10 profit call, Oracle demonstrated that for the quarter finished Feb. 28, its cloud ERP and cloud HCM income came to $1 billion on a 24% development rate, and its cloud foundation business came to $500 million on a 100% development rate.

Doing some opposite encoding on my AI-controlled whiteboard, I determined that the consolidated $1.5 billion from those two numbers addressed a joined development pace of about 42%. What’s more, since Oracle has some other more modest volume cloud items that were excluded from one or the other figure, I knock up my all out cloud-income gauge to $1.65 billion and slice the development rate to 40%. For extra subtleties, kindly see Oracle CEO Safra Catz: 6 Reasons to Be Bullish on Oracle Cloud.


A month and a half back, I posted an article featured Salesforce Q4 Earnings: Can Marc Benioff Reverse Sharp Slide in Growth Rate? That question and the reason behind it depended on the descending pattern in development rates revealed by Salesforce for the past 8 quarters:

So in its FY21 Q4 report for the 3 months finished Jan. 31, Salesforce did in reality stem the descending slide in development rates as income increased 20% to $5.82 billion. That is the uplifting news. The not very great news is that while 20% on an exceptionally enormous base is amazingly noteworthy, it doesn’t pile up so well against the Q4 numbers for the past two years: 27% for FY19’s Q4, and 34% for FY20’s Q4.

In fact, for its full monetary 2021, Salesforce posted income development of 24%, well over Q4’s 20% during the year-end time frame organizations like Salesforce will in general need to get done with a bang.

All things considered, that is a radiant issue to have: a $21-billion business developing at 20%. I would not be at all shocked if the organization’s business clouds business starts to have a greater impact in pushing that development rate significantly higher: Has Salesforce Beaten Microsoft, Oracle and SAP to #1 in Industry Clouds?


Coming to $1 billion in quarterly membership income interestingly, Workday saw its income climb 20% on the strength of consistent continuous interest for its leader HCM items just as its Financials suite.

Presently charging itself as the Enterprise Management Cloud and unequivocally avoiding any kind of “ERP” assignment, Workday is enthusiastically anticipating what it accepts is a coming blast in cloud money applications from CFOs:

CFOs Finally Ready to Surge into the Cloud: Workday co-CEO Bhusri

Workday Co-CEO: Liberating CFOs from ERP Limitations

What’s happening with IBM and SAP?

As powerful as a portion of the development numbers on this graph are, it’s unimaginable not to consider how IBM and SAP could convey cloud-income development paces of just 8% for Q4. Most likely the two organizations offered all way of clarifications and refered to different components, yet Q4 development paces of 8% in the best development market the world has at any point realized will draw a great deal of consideration and examination, with a ton of that not being acceptable.

At SAP, North America president DJ Paoni disclosed to me a week ago that business for SAP’s cloud items “is detonating” and that the organization’s new Rise program, intended to work on clients’ excursions to the cloud, has been met with incredible eagerness. That is acceptable to hear—yet in late April, we’ll discover precisely how intently those outflows of positive thinking are coordinated by client contracts. For the full story from Paoni on that, if it’s not too much trouble, see SAP Rejects Larry Ellison Claims of Customer Turmoil: ‘Request Is Exploding’.


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