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During the official department photo shoot, K9 displays affection towards his partner (VIDEO)

Dogs really are the cutest pets there is. They may be highly trained K9s, but that doesn’t mean they have lost all affection for their handlers when it comes to detecting serious crimes.

with the photo, Conservation Officer Levi Knach and Kenobi, the K9 officer with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, posed together. Originally, it was just going to be a routine photo shoot, but Kenobi took the chance to show his affectionate handler how much he loved her.

Kenobi Ends The Picture Shoot For The Cutest Reason Ever

dog licking police officer during photoshoot


I’m thinking that following Kenobi’s action, nobody could look serious? Even after his dog made a lovely gesture, Levi, a professional for years, couldn’t help but smile broadly.

dog licking conservation officer during photoshoot

Millions of people’s hearts were quickly warmed by the picture of the two as it quickly went viral. Being such a good and loving guy, Kenobi demonstrated that even the world’s most well-trained dogs are nothing more than the world’s biggest sweethearts to their humans in their spare time.

Kenobi and Levi Work Well Together

dog and police officer posing

Although they can afford to be carefree in an informal photo session, Levi and Kenobi actually make a great police team!

Together, they have completed some of the DNR Office’s most difficult assignments for a considerable amount of time. When they’re not capturing adorable pictures, Kenobi and Levi are out in the field chasing crooks and making sure their neighborhood is secure.

Because they are usually in a cheerful mood and willing to help the people of Indiana, they are well-liked both in their department and even on the streets.

The Pair Is Prepared For A Range Of Difficult Situations

police officer with dog posing for image

Dogs are not one-taskers like Kenobi. He is prepared for a wide range of difficult situations, including finding missing people, hunting down criminals, locating evidence of illicit activity, and spotting wildlife trafficking.

Other than that, Kenobi is really happy with his work! He is a very intelligent, obedient dog who enjoys playing a variety of games. The truth is that his curiosity and his job as an officer go hand in hand.

The two eventually got the ideal shot for the department, but their “behind the scenes” experiences will live on forever.

Furthermore, the “accidental pictures” that show how much Kenobi loves Levi will stand as a lasting testament to the wonderful bond and profound love that exist between K9 dogs and their handlers.

We hope that Levi and Kenobi have a long and prosperous life filled with many more moments just like these! They certainly merit it!



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