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Dog Whose Family Left Him So Broken That He Withdrew From The World Totally

Almost anyone can have terrible things happen to them these days. But the most painful times come when these things happen to the individuals we love the most.

Certain families frequently find themselves in a difficult financial situation, forcing them to give up their pets.

Although it’s unfair, this is their best opportunity to start over because that’s the way the world operates.

This narrative tells the tale of a dog who was dropped off by his family and seemed to have lost interest in anything.

A Sad Ending

a sad dog in a cage abandoned by his family

Ritter’s family came to the realization that Ritter and his sister needed to be turned over to a shelter when they were experiencing a lot of difficulties.

Without asking any questions, the Humane Society in Hamilton County, Indiana, took them in and expressed their sadness at the state he was in.

He appeared so hopeless, as if he had given up on life altogether. Ritter knew he wanted his family back, even though he was unable to comprehend why they had abandoned him.

Regretfully, that was not going to occur. The staff at the shelter snapped a picture of this amazing puppy and shared it on social media to help spread the word about him.

The picture was widely shared on all platforms and got popular really quickly. People witnessed this.

two women with two dogs are guests in the show

Megan, one of the shelter staff members, told Indiana’s WISH-TV that they were fortunate to capture the image, which serves as a symbol of not only Ritter but also all animals in similar pain.

Coincidentally, this captured the essence of what a great deal of canines experience in shelters and on the streets.

It is our responsibility to assist all of these sweet dogs who were turned in to a shelter; each one of them has a tragic backstory that makes them there.

two dogs on a leash look to the side while lying down

Ultimately, though, Ritter’s incredible existence was made possible by the swift finding of his permanent home because to the attention he received on social media.


Although his sibling hasn’t been lucky enough to find a new home yet, the staff at the shelter is doing everything they can to help him and the other pets.

The amount of effort put forth to ensure that each dog has a regular life with a family that will take care of them is quite remarkable.


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