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Cat Wriggles Into Couples’ Hearts and Crashes Their Wedding as “Cat Distribution System” Operates Over Time

The “cat distribution system” went into overdrive when a kitten interrupted a couple’s wedding and wormed her way into their hearts.

kitten cat humans snuggles

When an unexpected guest showed up and gave their ceremony a unique twist, Cara and Matt’s wedding day became even more special.

Unbeknownst to the pair, a small kitten began to meow in the background as Matt professed his love and devotion to his bride. “I was trying so hard to listen to the beautiful words my soon-to-be-husband had written for me, and all my best friends were laughing behind me,” Cara told Love Meow.

“(When) one of the groomsmen stuck his head out of the line with such a grin, I knew something was up.”

stray kitten wedding

“I didn’t notice the kitten till the moment I whipped around, and my maid of honor pointed out there was a cat.”

Just behind them, a small gray tabby sat on a tree stump and cried out to be heard. The couple’s hearts melted when they saw the kitten, and it seemed fated.

cake cat toppers

“I will never forget that moment. She positioned herself so that we could see her clearly.”

Gatsby is a gray and white cat who Cara and Matt are proud parents of. They are avid cat lovers. “We go by Catt together. Even the cake toppers were cats. Thus, this seemed a little bizarre.”

snuggle kitten lap cat

After all of the hilarity and cheering, the kitten calmed down and observed the wedding from a distance. “It truly felt like a sign.”

The kitten was too afraid and fled into hiding after the wedding, despite the efforts of their friends and relatives to save it. The venue’s staff volunteered to feed her and watch out for her.


snuggly kitten under sweater

Not knowing if they would see her again, the pair departed. The workers managed to get the kitten after more than a week of bribing her with food.

They notified Cara and Matt right away after bringing the kitten to a shelter for a checkup and vetting. “We knew we had to have her.” After officially naming her adoption, the couple gave baby the loving name Daisy.

sweet lap cat kitten

“On the way home from picking her up, I knew she had found her forever home with us. She licked my palm as I petted her and rested so peacefully in the carrier, purring.”

Though Matt was in love with Daisy, he was apprehensive about her acceptance by Gatsby, their other cat.

snuggly cats by window

“It took about two weeks of slowly introducing them to each other, but they now really seem to enjoy one another.”

Daisy has developed into a devoted lap cat that loves to be kissed and has a robust purring motor. She lets go with her boundless energy as she bounces, climbs, and chases toys around the home.

sweet cat kitten

She is constantly bouncing around and getting involved in everything. Cara told Love Meow, “She is shy around new people, which makes her quick bonding to us even more of a phenomenon.”

Daisy can’t help but trail behind her people and want to be a part of all they do. She has grown quite devoted to the two of us. Now that my other cat has bonded with her as well and follows her around, everything is done in groups.”

playful wrestling cats

When Gatsby’s humans change the bed linens, he likes to “help” out. He’s now enlisted a small helper to play with and burrow under the covers with.

Daisy has a charming way of showing her people how much she loves them. “Licking our hands is her absolute favorite thing in the world. She will start licking our hands and purring at four in the morning.”

snuggly kitten lap cat


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