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Cat Forms Friendship With Chipmunk And Is Adorable To It

This chipmunk is aware that the FLUFF is difficult to refuse. The courageous little animal bravely approached a fluffy kitty that was lounging in the backyard of Reddit user _GoldGuy_ after spotting it. The calm cat didn’t resist or fight.

“My cat made friends with a chipmunk,” is the caption for _GoldGuy_’s photo series that captures the incredibly adorable moment. Understandably concerned at first, the cat laid down to reassure the chipmunk that it was harmless, and the small rodent came over to greet it. A new, warm friendship was created when the chipmunk realized that the cat wanted to be pals as well. It climbed on the cat’s back and moved contentedly in the fluff.


Initially, the chipmunk was naturally scared, so the cat curled up to reassure it that there was no danger.


The chipmunk approached the cat more closely after realizing that it wanted to be friends too.


And nearer
Up until the small rat dared to hop up on the cat’s back and merrily shuffle through the fluffy


A brand-new, fuzzy relationship was formed!



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