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Brave Mother Cat Finds Assistance For Her Priceless Offspring Despite Being Blind

This blind cat is a real testament to the limitless love of a mother. She finds a family and shows them where her kittens are after years of wandering around in search of a forever home.

A stray cat was observed by an elderly couple exploring their home. As their son got close to the animal, he saw that its eyes were tightly sealed.

blind cat and her kitten

The son made the decision to accompany the unfortunate blind cat since she was adamant about getting somewhere. He was taken aback when the cat showed him where her little babies, under her care, were.

The son called Corpus Christi, Texas’s Coastal Bend Cat Rescue because he realized he had to take action to assist. According to CBCR Officer Mary Huckabee:

He sent a help request to our rescue. The cat was believed to have had severe eye infections at the time, which had caused her eyes to close.

blind cat sleeping with her kittens

The blind cat Clue and her kittens were taken in by the Texas rescue and given a foster home.

Regrettably, the animal family experienced numerous problems, most likely as a result of the unfavorable circumstances they were residing in. In addition to being underweight, two of the kittens displayed signs of an upper respiratory infection.

owner petting his blind cat

The mother cat was absolutely blind, as the veterinarians discovered after examining her: she lacked normal eye tissue.
She tried her hardest to care for her kittens in spite of her blindness. With her babies nursing on her belly, she took a short while to get comfortable in her new bed. Mary stated:

Her eyes are very small or nonexistent from birth, and our veterinarian believes that she has congenital microphthalmia. To stop recurring infections, she will require enucleation. She is not at all bothered by being blind. Mama Clue gave her babies a lot of protection.

cat feeding her kittens

The kittens began to get better and put on some weight after receiving the right medical attention and having a safe home to remain.

Clue would make sure her infants were swiftly returned to her loving paws whenever the kittens were brought out for medical attention or to be weighed. Mary continued:

Every now and then, a baby would meow in a location she wasn’t expecting, surprising her.

blind cat hugging her kittens

The kittens soon became more energetic and began to investigate their surroundings, but Mama Clue became displeased when they ventured outside of the protected area designated by her. Mary stated:

Before realizing she was losing the war and that her infants were now ready to explore, she would repeatedly transport them back to “their place.”

cute kitten

Clue calmed down and became a loving cat little by little. She loved having her humans around, especially when they scratched her head or massaged her belly. Mary stated:

“As soon as her foster mother walks into the enclosure, she starts preparing biscuits.”

cat sleeping with kittens

In foster care, the entire furry family was flourishing and showing their genuine selves. Mary stated:

“Candyland is talkative and snarky. Out of all the kittens, she is the most daring. The girl Monopoly is easygoing. She enjoys rolling over and having her belly rubbed. She’s begun to train her sisters in the art of pouncing. At first, Chutes and Ladders were the most distant, but now that she doesn’t have to deal with tears in her eyes every day, she is the first to approach and crawl onto her foster mother’s lap.

cat laying on body

Clue is content with her life indoors after years of surviving in subpar conditions and roaming the streets. Now that she won’t have to worry about finding food, a safe place to stay, or other possible threats, she can finally unwind.

cute kitten with many colours





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