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An cop adopts a stray kitten into her home and raises it as her shoulder cat.

An cop adopts a stray kitten into her home and raises it as her shoulder cat.

Two police officers from the Durham Police Department in North Carolina were out on patrol last Wednesday, March 24, just like any other day. However, little did they realize that one of their lives would soon alter due to a small stray kitten.

A small ball of fur drew the attention of Officers J.N. Rowsey and E.L. Masnik as they were in the vicinity of Dawkins Street and Linwood Avenue. When they looked more closely, they noticed a terrified young kitten on the street alone itself with no sign of its mother.

While searching for a mother cat and other kittens, the officers started asking throughout the area in the hopes of finding the kitten’s family. No one claimed the tabby after much effort, and it was evident that

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Durham Police Department posted on Facebook, “The officers searched the neighborhood in an attempt to find the kitten’s owner or (his) mother but had no luck.”

The kitten was too young to be left on his own, so Rowsey took him back to her squad car and soothed him with a towel. As the officer held the terrified tiny tabby, he managed to calm down. With lots of affection, hugs, and comfort, the little boy emerged from his shell.

After sharing a few cuddles with his savior, the tiny kitten soon settled in. He opted to stay there after climbing atop her shoulders.

He seemed prepared to put the life of the streets behind as he stood tall on Rowsey’s shoulder and shouted with his cute tiny meows.

The officer’s heart was won over by the kitten in no time at all. Rowsey chose to adopt the adorable tabby after falling deeply in love with him. After taking the kitten to the vet, she gave him a clean bill of health and gave him the affectionate name Dobby.

Dobby, who was thought to be six weeks old, started a new chapter in his life with the person who had saved it. This is Rowsey’s second rescue cat, according to her family.

kitten, police officer, durham, rescue, shoulder cat

What appeared to be a standard patrol became quite the journey. Officer Rowsey not only brought a new member into her family, but she also saved a life.

The kitten won’t have to go without food or shelter on the streets for another day. Now that he has his own space and a lifelong human companion who adores him, Dobby the tabby is set.


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