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An adorable relationship between a monkey and a cat is captured by a photographer.

The amazing photographer Anne Young caught a very unusual scene that will make your heart melt. Her images capture an improbable couple’s amazing act of maternal love.

When Anne went to Monkey Forest Park, she saw something unusual. A small ginger kitten was being carried, hugged, and cuddled by one of the park’s monkeys.

The small kitten was given the Macaque monkey’s affection as though it were her own. It’s evident from the pictures that the two have a close relationship.

Anne posted a few of these quirky and endearing pictures that won us over. Just look at how lovingly the monkey is holding the little kitten.

a kitten in the arms of a monkey

In return, the kitten gives the monkey a headbutt and cuddles up to her, treating her like a mother.


the kitten enjoys the monkey's hug

It is not unusual for species to bond and become adopted by one another. There are examples of domestic cats taking in squirrels or lynxes as their own, as well as dogs taking in kittens as their own.

two monkeys hold cats in their arms

Some animals have an intense, boundary-pushing mother urge.

the monkey is holding the kitten in its arms, resting its head on his

However, there are also creatures that yearn to be cuddled and shielded. Without the monkey, this stray cat would have been left on its own.

monkey and kitten pose for a bit in front of the camera

But for this little ginger sweetie, everything has changed. He is cherished and shielded.

a monkey carries a kitten in his arms



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