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After being thrown over a fence and into a stranger’s yard, the dog was devastated (video)

When someone abandons a pet, it’s always devastating, but some individuals do it in such odd and nasty ways that leave their animals bewildered and distraught.

In a recent instance, a man was observed throwing his dog over a fence and into the backyard of an unknown person. The homeowner is now seeking clarification.

According to 8 News Now, Michelle Meyering, a resident of Las Vegas, was perplexed when she got home on June 10 and heard the sound of a dog that wasn’t hers.

The dog, a tiny female Dachshund of two years old, was in her backyard with two of her own pets. As she looked via her Ring camera for answers, she saw the devastating justification.

Before driving off, a man who appears to be the dog’s owner is seen forcibly throwing the small dog over Michelle’s fence.

Heartbroken, the dog merely seemed to stand in the yard, perhaps lost in thought and unsure of when her owner would return for her. Michelle claims that despite her best efforts, the dog refused to eat or even come out of the heat.

The Dachshund was taken to The Animal Foundation by Clark County Animal Protective Services, after Michelle had contacted them, where she is presently under a 10-day rabies quarantine.

The reason the man threw the dog into Michelle’s yard is unknown to her. The man may have thrown the dog over in the hopes that the larger dogs would attack her, even though her other two dogs, who were also at home at the time, were friendly and kind.

Even if the Ring camera captured the event on video, it’s not clear enough to pinpoint a culprit. Michelle claims she will report anything to the police.

The small puppy will soon be available for adoption at The Animal Foundation, where it is hoped that a wonderful new home will be found, even though it is unclear whether the offender will ever face justice.


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