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After being pursued by some stray dogs, a cat finds itself stuck on a tree for four days.

Cats frequently become stuck on trees for a variety of reasons. Some people are able to recover on their own, while others—like this adorable Torbie cat—need expert assistance.

Cutie, a Torbie cat, was the subject of a recent call to Louisianan cat rescuer Randall Kolb, also known as the Cat Rescue Guy. She was being pursued by some stray dogs and ended up stranded on a tree close to her Mississippi house.

Thankfully, the man immediately started a rescue effort.

cat stuck on tree

In a wooded area close to her house, Cutie was being pursued by some stray dogs. She fled for her life, climbed a tree, and became stranded there for four days.

The thing that caught my attention the most was Cutie’s low position on the tree. She could easily get down, but her fear of the dogs coming back had paralyzed her.

Despite the severe weather she experienced, she felt safer in the tree. After four exhausting days, Randall was finally able to go on a rescue expedition due to the weather.

man rescuing cat

Even though the man was experienced, the rescue proved to be somewhat difficult. Posted by Randall on his blog:
Even though Cutie is usually a really gregarious girl, she became afraid when she saw me approach her. To get as far away from me as possible, she walked to the end of the limb. There, she halted and let out a sorrowful, pathetic cry of doom.

The man was devastated by the cat’s condition because he was unable to comfort her right away. Sadly, he even attempted to entice her with food, but it was unsuccessful.

cat on tree

Randall gave the cat a break after attempting nearly everything in the hopes that she would approach him, but that also failed.

Continuing with his quest, Randall tried to approach Cutie, but her leg was too little to support his weight.

Luckily, he opted to exploit the more solid upper limb he spotted to move closer to Cutie. She felt a lot better at last as Randall reached out horizontally to touch the cat.

cat sitting on tree

He continued to nuzzle her till she eventually approached him and began massaging his hand on her cheek. Randall knew at that particular instant that everything would be well. He declared:

“I knew everything would work out well when we reached this point in the tree together, even though it took me forty minutes to get there.”

When the cat at last approached him, he extended the cat bag’s bottom on his lap to capture her. Cutie chose to make a little more fun of him, though.

She stepped on Randall’s lap at first, then she continued to the other end of the limb and repeated the entire action multiple times.

cats on table

Randall swiftly drew up the bag and fastened her inside as soon as she came back and landed on his lap. He down the tree, relieved, and carefully let Cutie go.

Cutie’s human Mildred and her feline sibling were reunited with her at last, all thanks to the courageous Cat Rescue Guy. The cat was unharmed, but it took some time for its emotional state to heal.

Both Randall and Cutie’s human were ecstatic about the outcome of the successful rescue attempt, hoping she would take the lesson to heart and stick to the comforts of home life moving forward.


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