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Adopting a “foul-mouthed” parrot that enjoys swearing

Adoption posts for animals in need of homes are common; yet, some are genuinely unusual and distinctive.

A shelter posted recently that they are looking to adopt a parrot, if you can manage his unusual speech.

Due to their exceptional capacity to repeat words, parrots are a popular choice for pets. Simply watch what you say around them, since they may end up picking up certain phrases you don’t want them to be squawking about in polite company.

This is the situation with Pepper, a white-fronted amazon who was recently turned in at the Niagara SPCA in Niagara Falls, New York.

He is currently available for adoption, but before you adopt him, the shelter advised that you might not enjoy what comes out of his beak.

The SPCA claims that despite Pepper’s use of profanity, this swearing bird might be a good fit for a “humor-loving home” and even offer some advantages.

The authors stated, “Until Pepper offends grandma’s Tuesday night knitting group, bringing home a cursing conure might seem like a fun idea.” Positively, adopting Pepper will prevent unexpected guests from stopping over. After getting cussed out by your new foul-mouthed feathered companion, they’ll think twice.

According to the SPCA, Pepper will be up for adoption this coming week. However, they are only taking serious adoption queries from households who have prior experience with birds and suitable housing.

The shelter is also putting up six parakeets and a Sun Conure named Peanut if a swearing parrot isn’t your thing.

Adoption postings typically focus on the good things about adoptable animals, but sometimes it’s beneficial to be brutally honest and accept their negative traits as well. Even while it’s not everyone’s dream pet, a cursing bird could be someone else’s.

In fact, a lot of commenters expressed their ardent admiration for Pepper and his colorful lexicon.

One Facebook remark says, “I’ve never wanted a bird until reading this post.”

Another person remarked, “I want him even more because he swears I love that!!!” “What a sweetheart, honest to the core.”

It’s unclear if Pepper can be helped to speak again or if he needs to wash his beak with a bar of soap. It is difficult to stop parrots from using four-letter words once they become proficient at them.


The parrots were reintroduced as the “infamous swearing parrots,” enjoying their reputation, after being taken out for a short while. Though it might backfire, the zoo has tried to rehabilitate the swearing parrots by integrating them into a flock of 92 non-swearing parrots in the hopes that their language would adapt.

“We might have a hundred swearing parrots on our hands,” stated CEO Steve Nichols to the BBC. “Time will tell,” I said.


A bar owner and an ex-Navy man were among the more than 400 applicants the SPCA received to adopt Pepper, according to an update. However, they have reduced the field to ten and given preference to those who can provide Pepper with the greatest surroundings.

They said that Pepper would have a veterinary examination for birds the following week.



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