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A Woman Who Is Always Tired Tracks Down the Offender (VIDEO)

Recently, a woman went public on TikTok with her intriguing narrative under the pseudonym @susieandmollie. Susie was always exhausted, even after getting a decent night’s sleep. She became worried that it might be a serious sickness since it persisted for several weeks. However, she put cameras in her bedroom to monitor what happens there at night before coming to the doctor.

Susie felt fortunate that her weariness wasn’t brought on by a sickness. It was her feline. Really? Her cat Ginger would come and tap on her till she woke up each time she fell asleep deeply. After her cat’s nighttime “habits” were captured on camera, 15-year-old Ginger became an overnight internet phenomenon.



@susieandmollie cattitude #nightmare #cat #pet #nightvision #sleep #cattok #nosleeptonightagain #nosleep #ginger #gingercat #gingercatsoftiktok #claws ♬ Sneaky Snitch – Kevin MacLeod

Susie runs a tiny company that manufactures showjumps. She is the owner of two horses, Mollie and Echo, in addition to Ginger and his brother Brock. Her second TikTok handle, Mollie, is undoubtedly her favorite. Susie claims that Ginger acts in this way only because he wants to cuddle. She didn’t realize it until she placed a night vision camera, but he will keep poking her until she wakes up.


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