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A stray mother cat brings her kitten to the hospital so that medical professionals may tend to them.

A cunning mother cat won everyone over when she brought her little kitten to an Istanbul hospital.

Staff rushed to the stray cat’s help when she abruptly ran into the hospital department, clutching the kitten in her mouth.

At first, they thought the small kitten might be sick, so they decided to assist the mother and her child.

The kitten and her devoted mother were the subject of a few photos that Merve Özcan took and shared on Twitter.

“Today we were in the hospital emergency room when a cat came running in with her kitten in her mouth,” Özcan wrote.

In addition to giving the worried mother something to eat and drink while she waited for the check-up to be completed, the hospital staff examined the young cat.

The mother also seemed to be in excellent health, and the doctors were unable to identify anything wrong with the kitten.

However, they took sure to have a vet check up on both the mother and the kitten just in case.

The mother cat appeared to be seeking a safe place to take her tiny kitten, and she was aware that the hospital would undoubtedly house kind and understanding individuals.

It is well known that Turkish people adore cats and are quite kind to stray animals.

Bowls of food and water that have been set out for the city’s stray cats are frequently seen on Istanbul’s streets.

The mother presumably just wanted some love, food, and care, and she knew that the hospital staff would be more than delighted to show her and her new child some affection.


She was probably also eager to show off her adorable kitten and let people marvel at the ideal little life she had built.


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