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A stray kitten that was struggling and had a tape roll around his neck was saved by two people with enormous ears.

Sadly, life on the streets is difficult for stray cats. Little kittens who are attempting to make their way in the world and are exposed to many hazards have an even larger task. This was Valentine’s situation; her heartwarming tale will win you over.

One day, a stray kitten struggling with a tape roll hooked around his neck was spotted by some neighbors in a Californian neighborhood. Not to mention the discomfort he experienced, every meal presented a difficulty. It was awful to see his silent suffering.

cat with tape rolls on neck

The poor creature was too terrified to allow anyone close, despite numerous attempts to apprehend him and the involvement of animal control.

But just when it looked hopeless, two good-hearted rescuers made the decision to intervene. Chris Gattas and Kimberly Saxelby made sure that today would be the day the little kitten was saved.

Even though it wasn’t simple to pursue him, the dedicated group persisted. They tried without success for an hour before deciding to use nets, and eventually they succeeded in catching him.

ginger cat in cage

However, the crew didn’t understand how serious his injuries was until they got closer. The tape must have been there for a very long time since the stench was terrible. Shared by Kimberly for LoveMeow:

“At first, we thought there might be a dead animal close to the shed, but it turned out to be the smell of his decaying flesh and a neck infection.”

tape rolls around cats neck

The veterinarians discovered that the tape had sliced so deeply into the cat’s flesh, seriously injuring and infecting him, after they had carefully released the neck. It was obvious the tiny baby was in excruciating pain. Remembering the awful incident, Kimberly revealed:

“I couldn’t imagine the pain and suffering this poor sweet cat has endured, and for as long as he has,” the person said, bringing tears to their eyes.

The veterinarians quickly cleaned and repaired the wound with an emergency surgery. To repair the cut flesh and spare this helpless soul from more agony, they had to sew up his entire neck.

Luckily, the surgery was a success and the kitty started his journey to recovery. He was given a second chance at life, and the sweetest name – Valentine.

cat recovering

cat peeking

But even though his recuperation went more smoothly than everyone had anticipated, he remained depressed. He was still wary and a little grouchy, but that was to be expected considering what this cat had endured. As Kimberly mentioned:

“After being caught, which was quite frightening for him, he was placed in a crate and taken to the shelter for surgery. He woke up in pain and in a kennel, so it is understandable that he is not happy right now.”

cat laying still

Little Valentine spent much of the day hiding in his feral box, which the shelter gave him to make him feel secure. They started looking for a foster parent to take him in the interim.

Valentine spent a short time staying with Kimberly’s friend before April Glatzel took him in. He was hiding in the bathroom most of the time, turning the sink into his new haven, so this new setting must have made him feel afraid again.

cat sleeps in a sink

cat peeking behind door

Valentine finally ventured beyond his comfort zone and began investigating the other rooms in the house. He discovered something new with every sniff and quickly concluded that the couch was more comfortable than the sink. Delighted by his increasing self-assurance, Kimberly revealed:

“Observe this charming child getting comfortable on the sofa. This is just one example of the many progress Valentine is making as she gradually learns to trust.

cat watching at camera

Valentine’s worry subsided over the next few days. He was still wary, but not at all like the grouchy cat who used to be afraid of human contact. April broke down Valentine’s defenses around his heart and won it back with gentle love and care.

One thing became evident as their relationship grew: Valentine belonged in April’s house. Kimberly broke the most amazing news to me:

“Valentine has found his forever loving home, and the best place for him to be is with his foster mama April Glatzel, who has done so much to retrain him to trust people.”

cat relaxing

The cat who used to be afraid of strangers is now thriving in his forever home with April and other feline companions. He adores spending time cuddled up with his mother and craves belly massages. April discloses:

Every night is a night that Valentine spends in my bed… He is very loving. And he also meows when it’s time to eat – he actually talks to me now! This youngster has advanced significantly!

cat napping


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