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A single picture of two dogs embracing saved two lives (VIDEO)

Social media has grown to be an effective instrument for both good and ill since it can bring people together from all over the world. But when applied correctly and with compassion, it has the power to effect amazing transformation. This touching tale demonstrates the amazing power of a single image posted on the internet, which helped to save the lives of two furry friends and raise awareness of the suffering of animals that are left without homes.


Meet Kala and Keira, two stunning rescue canines whose inspirational tale won over hearts all over the world and allowed them to start over. It took this extraordinary group of animal lovers just two hours and six minutes to band together and alter the course of these canine friends’ lives.


In an overcrowded shelter, Brownhound mix Kala and Boxer mix Keira faced the unthinkable—euthanasia scheduled. However, destiny had other ideas for them. Photographer Malena Evans of the Etowah County Humane Center caught a very sad scene. The image showed the two best friends cuddling, with Kala holding on Keira as though in need of assistance. They still had so much vitality in them despite their situation.

Their picture had a moving message, which the Atlanta, Georgia-based nonprofit Angels Among Us Pet Rescue posted on Facebook. “My name is Kala. It’s Keira here. It’s very frightful here. Keira is mixed-race and not a “real boxer.” She assures me that everything will be fine no matter what, and she is quite brave. She reveals


The eerie final line of the message said, “I’ll cry because she won’t come back.” Next, they’ll target me, and I won’t be as bold. While we were here, we consoled one another. When I had none, she gave me hope. It’s finished now. Unless…

The picture of these devoted puppies cuddling up to one another went viral in a matter of minutes, inspiring hundreds of kindhearted people to share it. There was no time to waste and the urgency was evident.

Amazingly, two hours and six minutes after the first post, Kala and Keira were headed to a foster family; their lives were saved by the kindness of strangers.

Not only did the snapshot capture the poignant hug that saved these two precious lives, but it also shed light on the difficulties that homeless animals confront. But their adventure didn’t stop there. It was going to be difficult to find a house that would be willing to adopt both of them because it’s not often simple to find a family that will take in two dogs at once.

“Keira would do well being adopted alone, but Kala would definitely miss her, so we are trying to adopt them together,” stressed Anne Clarke of Angels Among Us Pet Rescue.

Fortunately, there is a happily ever after to this narrative. Two gracious women from Georgia offered to adopt these adorable girls. Kala and Keira’s relationship was maintained, saving them the agony of being parted.

Together, they lead the best lives possible now, replete with care, love, and treats that they so rightly deserve. They wrestle, play, and enjoy the joy that comes from being loved and safe.


Their experience moved people’s hearts and encouraged funding for charities like Angels Among Us Pet Rescue, which keeps helping animals in need. We can do amazing things as a team, but there will always be more “Kala and Keira” tales to be told. Our unwavering support for individuals who dedicate their lives to save these priceless animals can have a profound impact.


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