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A pregnant stray cat decides to make a police station her family’s permanent home after finding it by chance.

A police station in Busan, South Korea, is not just the place where police officers work; it is now also home to a mother cat and her four babies. The adorable story of how this police station became their home is an event that the officers share fondly.

The police officers met the stray cat for the first time after a car accident, and sadly, they learned her newborn kittens died in the impact.

Out of respect, the officers buried the kittens, and after that moment, the stray cat was not seen near the police station until a few months later.

For some reason, one day, as reported by Love Meow, she returned to the police station with the clear intention to stay. Soon, the officers discovered she was pregnant again.

When the time came, the officers helped her give birth. They prepared a space for her to give birth at the guard’s post. Also, they helped cut the umbilical cords for her kittens.

When the kittens were born, everyone at the police station fell in love with them and decided to take care of them until they gained enough strength to be on their own.

The officers named the mother cat “Molang,” which translates to “I don’t know.”. Seemingly, the name is appropriate because they have no idea where she came from or how old she is.

However, weeks turned into months, and the kittens were still there. Now, the furry family lives at the police station permanently. The kittens are growing up happy and healthy, and all the police officers love them.

Today, Molang and her kittens accompany their human friends while on duty.

They are the first cat police family in South Korea, and they try to keep the neighborhood peaceful and clean by only occupying one empty box at a time.

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