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A Hooman Finally Stops At His Kennel, Excitement Uncontrollably Fills The Illinois Pup Who Stayed At The Shelter For 372 Days

Certain dogs simply have to wait a little while longer to find their forever home. However, when it does, all of those many days and nights spent holding out hope and anticipating that unique moment will be forgotten!

Consider Major as an example! This pawesome boi, for whatever reason, was placed in a shelter for more than a year until his intended mate showed up at the door.

After a lengthy journey of enthusiastically waving at prospective adopters, the day finally came, and this black-and-white doggo couldn’t contain his joy!

Keeps Major and His Brother From Being Put to Death

Two dogs on two pictures

Prior to being the beloved companion of everybody at the Naperville Area Humane Society, Major, the three-year-old dog, lived at a nearby shelter in Quincy, Illinois, with his brother Hilo.

The NAHS team claims that both of these dogs would have been put to death if they hadn’t been saved in a timely manner.

Major and Hilo are renowned for having extraordinary and eccentric spirits! They simply adore playing games, and they are both very outgoing and kind to everyone at the shelter!

A video featuring Major and Hilo was recently shared by the NAHS team, highlighting their endearing personalities and showcasing their key attributes.

They will have reached their 365-day milestone at NAHS this coming weekend, and we don’t know why. In order to share with you all of the wonderful things that our staff and volunteers have to offer, we put together this movie featuring some of them—the people who know them the best,” they wrote.

Ignored Without a Justification

Dog with tennis ball in mouth

Major had no good reason not to be saved, therefore no one at the shelter could understand why he was passed over by every possible adoptive! Major has always been a wonderful and amiable doggo in addition to being well-mannered and simple to care for!

“Don’t tell the other dogs he’s the smartest one here,” adds Winston, the NAHS volunteer. Another volunteer, Jane, remarks, “He’s such a lovebug, and everybody here at the shelter wants him to have his own family.”

two dogs laying on grass

Major’s favorite people to spend time with are his shelter friends, not his caregivers! He simply adores them all, regardless of their temperaments, sizes, and pretty much everything else!

Finally, the day has here.

girl kissing the dog

On Wednesday, precisely 372 days had passed since Major had checked into the shelter, when a man appeared! Jose came to NAHS to adopt another dog after losing his pet. Jose drives a semi-trailer truck.

The employees knew right away who to show him: Major! After their first introduction, there was no question left! The two appeared to click instantly! Jose’s major was the right one!

dog entering the truck

The long-term resident’s unexpected and deeply emotional farewell was prepared by the shelter staff. One by one, Major got to say goodbye to his favorite volunteers. And after he had finished, he and his new father leaped inside the truck!

guy hugging the dog in truck

Looking through the truck window, I saw Major cuddling up to Jose, which made me feel really happy. Upon finally finding himself in the arms of his furever owner, he appeared content and joyful. And that smile, my goodness, what a cute sight!

Numerous Adventures While Traveling

dog with head outside of the window of truck

Major, who no longer resides in Naperville, Illinois, is ecstatic to go on new experiences with his new father!

“Major’s new father recently told us that Major is doing AMAZING! Major is now able to exit the vehicle by himself, and he adores spending the night cuddling in the cabin with his new owner. The NAHS commented, “We are overjoyed to learn that Major is relishing his adventurous life on the road.

He’s making the most of life and turning each day into a brand-new journey! Most significantly, he never stops grinning!


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