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How to become a Cloud Developer

If you are a developer who is currently working software development beat in Java or python or PHP, any programming language and you’re working currently on traumas in a company. And if you are looking for becoming a cloud developer, or if you are if you want to get into the cloud development, or if you want to become a cloud developer, you’re at the right spot.

I’m going to cover some of the most important things that a clowder of poor should have to become a cloud developer or you know to NASA clouded leopard. What’s up, guys? My name is GK and if you’re new to this channel, in this channel, like our lord of cloud content and Dobbs content, it’s going to help you to upskill your career to do. Click on, subscribe. Not to miss this content and let me know in the comment section if you want to learn anything else, basically, so getting in the subject. Now, when you are designing or when you’re creating an application in the cloud. So one thing that you have to make sure is what will be the outcome of it and many companies when they go to Cloud. So the major outcome of them is like how they can scale application, how therapy?

You can be easily available and all those, you know, empty tears in the key important outcomes. So to get that outcome, one of the most important thing is to design an application in microservices way using the microservices patterns. So if you are unaware of that, I would highly recommend reading a book called microservices patterns by Chris Richardson. I’m going to paste that link in the description so you can understand that. So the basic quality of a cloud developer when you are going for an interview, Is how you’re going to break the monolith application into micro Services applications on 2, micro services and different services, and how you’re going to logically create each service independently, and how each would communicate between each other and also design the applications using a synchronous way, like, you know, using pops up or Kafka or rescue, a senior SS, so asynchronous communication, and these things are important to learn. So when you’re designing an application in the cloud, you should have a very good understanding of the

– Services because like today, if you are writing the code and, you know, deploying the application, the jar file or file, or any code in, you know, in your VM, or in your on-premise rule, but when you go to the cloud, the most benefit out of the cloud that you would get is but by deploying their application in a managed service, so learning the past services, like, you know, elastic Beanstalk in AWS or app engine in Google cloud or eks or continuous services. So understanding the many services and learning – services are very important. Understanding how to deploy them in the many services, how to scale them. So how to use the library’s of them? And you know, how do you work the apis of Google cloud services or ew services. So, start with learning the – Services especially that revolves around your development of your application. For example, when you are architecting

You doing an application in AWS if you want to use a soulless Martin, how do you use Lambda function? You know, how would you deploy Lambda function, and how do you use Lambda and squeezed together for asynchronous communication? Similarly could be Cloud functions and pops up. So understanding the services and how they scale, what are the limitations of the services? These will help you a lot. Now, the next important thing is how you can secure application now, you all know that when you, you know, when you Application in. – you put the database passwords in your config files, or, you know, you tend to use the secrets most of the time in your code and you try to use that, you don’t ignore that using git, ignore and stuff. But when you go to the cloud, you should be aware of how you can encrypt the data at rest using the KMS. But also how you can use a password miscommunication between your application to the database using I am.

So these things will help you to design your application in a more secure way and develop your Ation instead of putting those passwords and everything in the config files and and risking your application. So the important part of security is also how your application would use or to Row 2 and JW tokens when communicating to other services by authentication. And and this is not your basic hot but how you can design your own and how you can develop your application using water or 0. So this will be very important. So as part of the

The services, you should learn at least one nosql database. Be it mongodb in AWS or cloud datastore in Google Cloud. Because when you’re defining, when you’re creating an application, most of the time in Cloud, you tend to use nosql with all of my groceries architecture. Know, the key part of using cloud or developing an application, the cloud is also how you can develop inside the cover itself as an example. You know, there are tutorials where you can Use your ID as part of your clothes film in Google cloud or you can use a double Aces Cloud9 or you can use Sam CLI. Fold writing Lambda functions. So these things matter a lot because your whole Cloud developer experience, you know, will change the way you develop inside the cloud. Because it gives you easier way to, you know, develop and as well as deploy the code much faster, instead of you know, writing the code in A Primitive way and developing the code in your On this top part of the development, it’s also important to learn the CLI commands.

So learning CLI commands is very important for a cloud developer and also how you do unit tests and integration tests and other important you know, load testing in the cloud will help you to understand how your application is scalable. So when you talk about the integration of the services, this topic is very important not only for the cloud developer but for any Cloud engineer because when you are, you know, creating That application because each cloud service each man, a service inside a cloud have their own functionality. So how your application, how you can design integrating all these services, for instance, you know, how you would create an event driven based mechanism by using, you know, cloud storage and pops up and you know, any other service or data pipeline. So how you are going to communicate between this? All this?

I will help you to create a an application that will have less operations over Health but also you’re going to use more – services and thereby reducing the cost on your company. So when you create an application or when you develop an application, the important thing is you should know how to do logging in the cloud. Because in your on-prem mostly you would, you know, just put the logs and then you would have some LK or some setup that would, that would help you to debug your

But in Cloud, you might have to learn a bit of the stackdriver in in Google cloud or Cloud watch in a new place. These will help you to debug your application or not your application. And you know you can use the APM tools like new really core stackdriver in Google Cloud to do the trace of your application. When there are issues, these things will play an important factor when you are developing an application in Cloud. So, Before I go into the next topic about my experiences, when I’m working with my developers in the company, what I face usually. So why don’t you share in the comments about what was your experience so far? And are you interested to become a cloud or upper? Now, in the dorms of interview questions? I think besides your normal programming language questions and, you know, algorithms and other stuff and logical stuff that you would go through, which is a tough part.

So when it comes to the cloud introduced questions or Cloud Elemental equations, the focus will be more on the areas where you have experience in. Developing the microservices in deploying those micro Services into specific managed services on into the specific path solutions. For example, let’s say companies, looking for a developer who has experience in in creating the services, in Docker containers, using GK or eks. So the Moron, you know how you build the docker container, how you write the code in the docker container, you know, how you would use a service Discovery for your Docker container previous company? So they are these are the specific questions that if a company is focusing more on that part and in general, they would ask you moron, you know, what was your experience in designing an application and developing an application in the cloud?

So that’s a common interview questions for a cloud developer who based on my experience. When I’m working in a company where I am dealing with the developers who have very good knowledge of Java or Java, or even spring Java, in on-premise where this tummy a lot is, how do you use the manage services? Yeah, that’s why I keep emphasizing a lot is, you know, try to focus more and more on understanding the services, especially the key services that have the unique selling point for each Cloud. Does it like this overlay services in AWS or in?

Google cloud and the men and the past Solutions, like, you know, app engine, which is most commonly used. So, these key Services would help you to become a very good Cloudera / and it will help you to crack into equations when you are applying is a cloud developer. Are, it will also accelerate your journey into the cloud much easier. So with that, I hope I have covered. A lot of important aspects to become a cloud developer.


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