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Google gives you 15GB of free space in Google Drive, yet in the event that your record is running out of space there are a few different ways to discover which documents are causing the issue. Google offer a 15GB space which is an extraordinary arrangement contrasting with Dropbox, which gives simply 2GB.

In your Google Drive are incorporated likewise your Gmail record and Google Photos. Last one is more often than not which take the a large portion of extra room since everybody have a ton of photograph and recordings on the cell phone.

In the event that would prefer not to clean your greatest records in Google Drive you can update your capacity and all things considered Google Drive is one of the least expensive distributed storage arrangements accessible. Google Drive offer for individual utilization, just $1.99 every month for 100 GB and this open door is exceptional.

With Google Drive you save a lot and will have a high performance because you could integrate it with the tolls and apps your team is already using. In the other hand Google Drive helps your team move faster by using Google powerful search capabilities.

But one of the most important reason to choose Google Drive is easy and secure access to all of your content. With Google Drive you and your team can store, share and collaborate on files and folders from any computer, mobile or tablet.

How Google Drive work?

Google Drive empowers you to move and save — files, photos, sound, and accounts — to Google laborers, or the cloud. To fathom why Google Drive is so notable, note that it’s attempted to work perfectly with Google.

In addition, likely the best component is its compromise with Google’s office set-up of cloud-neighborhood applications, which, if you have knowledge with Microsoft Office, will look regular.

How to use Google Drive?

In any case Google Drive, you’ll need to make a Google account, if you don’t as of now have one. Making a Google account is free, and gives you permission to Google Drive, similarly as other Google Services, for instance, Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Photos.

The best draw of Google Drive is the ability to grant records and coordinators to others. From sharing chronicles to entire Drive coordinators, Drive makes sharing direct. To share a Google Drive record or envelope, right-click on it to raise the setting menu, by then snap “Offer” to complete and complete everything.



My Google Drive: How to use efficiently Google Drive capacity