Lawmaker caught necking his advisor during Zoom meeting

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An Argentine lawmaker has been caught on a live camera necking a woman during a online parliamentary session. Juan Emilio Ameri appeared sitting with a woman before performing the act during a special meeting of the country’s deputies broadcast on Zoom.

Juan Emilio Ameri was taking part in a discussion with MPs about debt, when he let his girlfriend sit on his lap before pulling down her top. After he appear kissing her bre.asts, MPs stopped the session and demanded his expulsion.

After the incident, which went viral and sparked outrage in Argentina, lawmakers voted to suspend Ameri, a representative from the northern province of Salta in the ruling political coalition, Frene de Todos.

Argentinean lawmaker in comments to local radio, said that he felt bad about what had happened, adding that his internet connection had been poor.

Ameri, initially tried to play down the incident with a bizarre explanation linking his behavior to the woman’s recent bo.ob job. The blonde has been named as Ameri’s girlfriend and political advisor Celeste Burgos after it emerged the MP had separated from his wife Alejandra Escudero.

“My partner and I are really suffering because of this. I’m very ashamed about what happened and I’m very sorry. The internet connection in the area where I’m based is very bad. My partner was coming out of the bathroom when I thought the connection had gone. Ten days ago she had bre.ast enlargement and I asked her about her silicone implants. I asked her if I could give her a kiss and I kissed her on the bo.obs. That was it”, said Ameri.

But beyond this explanation, unanimously voted in favor of Ameri’s suspension after Chamber of Deputies President Sergio Massa halted the session and after this a parliamentary commission was planning on determining the final sanction.