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How to completely backup your Android Phone on Google Cloud

If you’re enjoying is full of all kind of precious data, like photos videos, files contacts, Etc. Then it is important to know how to make sure your phone is backed up correctly. So if anything happens to the device to at least still have all your Irreplaceable data with you.

In this article, I’m going to show how to completely backup your Android phone in. Just three simple steps.

Droids built in backup feature, keep an automatic backup of your Android data and settings and tied them to you or associative Gmail account to check head into phone settings and then backup and reset.

Make sure both backup my data as well as automatic, restore are checked.

You can see it can back up your messages, phone, logs, application, settings, Wi-Fi, password, Etc. This is a basic and the easiest form of Android backup, but for a more robust approach, like backing up photos videos and storage data, will try different tools, provided by Google

Beside the default gallery. Have your Android phone is Google’s own Gallery app. That’s called photos pre-installed on it. Photos has an automatic backup feature so to make sure that is enabled open up the photos app, then tap on menu tab. On the menu. That opens tap on settings, then select, backup and sink. Now make sure back up and sink is enabled from here. You can also choose the quality that the photos and videos are saved as when backed up.

Whether or not to run the automatic iCup using your mobile data?

Google Drive that also comes with pre-installed on your Android device, it automatically syncs all your files and folders on cloud storage, all Google accounts, come with a free 15 gigabytes of storage allowance on Google Drive. If you need more, you can easily expand it as required by using monthly or yearly subscriptions.

So that is how you can backup your Android phone on Google Cloud. Now anytime if you need to reset your Android device or buy a new one, then you just need to sign in with the same Gmail account and your data will be downloaded and restored.