Google Cloud Partner

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Navisite declared it is currently a Google Cloud Partner, an assignment that perceives the organization as an approved oversaw administrations supplier on Google Cloud.

As a Google Cloud Partner, Navisite not just exhibits the necessary information and skill to effectively relocate clients to Google Cloud yet in addition the responsibility and organization with Google Cloud to assist clients with expanding business development, advancement, and benefit.

“Accomplishing Google Cloud Partner status perceives our mastery in assisting clients with utilizing the highlights and advantages of Google Cloud for their organizations,” said Jim Ball, VP of worldwide unions at Navisite. “We’re seeing developing interest and reception of Google Cloud for information examination and to run strategic venture applications and responsibilities. We’re focused on guaranteeing that our mid-market and undertaking clients are benefiting from their speculation with a wide scope of administrations and abilities.”

Navisite’s Google Cloud administrations range all periods of a client’s movement and past, from building up the general cloud system and relocation investigation to creation cutovers and progressing support.

Endeavors can accomplish quicker and simpler relocations, while amplifying the versatility, dexterity, and adaptability of Google Cloud.

Moreover, Navisite’s group of specialists assists clients with streamlining their organizations on Google Cloud to drive new efficiencies and decrease costs over the long haul.

Navisite’s accreditation follows the new Google Cloud certificate of Dickinson + Associates, a Navisite organization.

Dickinson is a SAP Gold collaborate with more than 22 years as a main SAP frameworks integrator. The Google Cloud organization empowers Navisite to exchange Google Cloud framework as a help, grow its oversaw administrations offering and offer clients extra development on Google Cloud.