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In one of my previous articles, I had covered one of the fundamental inquiries that rings a bell when considering moving to the Cloud – how secure is cloud data? Also, I sorted out regardless of the legends encompassing it, the cloud is really secure. In any case, there are consistently malevolent elements watching out for assaulting a weakness. One can limit such a circumstance, by utilizing some cloud based security arrangements.

In this article, I’ll be covering the motivations to pick Cloud based security for your firm and the top cloud security arrangements.

Why Opt for Cloud Based Security Solutions

It doesn’t make any difference whether you’re a startup or a set up organization, on the off chance that you’re associated with the web, you’re inclined to digital assaults. Consequently, it is essential to be careful and shield your organization from programmers. One path is to utilize Cloud-based security arrangements as they are consistently available. These arrangements offer to help secure your site in the accompanying manners:

Cloud-based security has better following and checking of assaults than non-cloud based security arrangements. They give continuous firewall and mark refreshes obstructing unsafe traffic.

Gives 24*7 security and live checking of the site by encryption and technical support.

Aside from the application and organization checking Cloud-based security arrangements likewise support the exhibition of your site speed by empowering CDN.

Presently, that we’ve seen the advantages of cloud based security, we should see the main 5 cloud security arrangements.


Set up in the year 1985, Sophos is a Security Company that gives cloud arrangements like encryption, firewall, versatile and web security, and so on Its cloud based support is known as Sophos Central.

cloud based security

Highlights that Sophos offers:

Sophos Central gives runtime security against assaults like ransomware, forestalling outside DLLs to stack, moderating endeavors in the web, java applications, modules and so forth

Gives security arrangements like web, email, remote, mobiles, encryption, web workers and so forth


Set up in the year 2008, SiteLock gets over 12+ million sites all over the globe. It is a cloud based security arrangement that shields sites from malware and other digital dangers.

cloud based security

Highlights that SiteLock offers:

SiteLock offers site security by checking weaknesses, identifying and disposing of malware, secondary passages, and against assaults like DDoS, SQLi and XSS.

It additionally offers static and dynamic reserving, worldwide CDN (Content Delivery Network) and burden adjusting in this way, speeding up and improving site execution.


Set up in the year 2002, Proofpoint is another driving cloud based security arrangement giving assurance against different cybersecurity dangers. It is a security and consistence organization offering cloud based encryption backing and arrangement.

cloud security arrangements

Highlights that Proofpoint offers:

Proofpoint offers SaaS, email, social, assaults from email connections and portable arrangement from focused digital dangers.

It ensures delicate business information through cloud email security, giving answers for independent venture and advanced brands.


Set up in the year 1999, Qualys is another safe cloud arrangements supplier that offers security to your web and gadget applications, consistence and related administrations. It empowers information assurance by distinguishing bargained resources and getting them.

cloud security arrangements

Highlights that Qualys offers:

Qualys offers start to finish arrangements like Cloud Infrastructure Security, Web App security, consistence, Endpoint security, DevSecOps and so on keeping your groups in a state of harmony with one another.

Offers security and dependability across open and private clouds, Vulnerability Management, Threat Protection, File Integrity Monitoring, and so forth


Set up in the year 2010, CipherCloud is another mainstream cloud based security organization across the three cloud models – IaaS, PaaS and SaaS. It helps in securing your information by checking and investigating it.

cloud security arrangements

Highlights that CipherCloud offers:

CipherCloud offers administrations across different areas like government, media transmission, drug firms and so on It ensures well known cloud applications like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Office 365 and so forth

A portion of the administrations CipherCloud offers are forestalling information misfortune, cloud encryption entryway, cloud registering and related security, tokenization and so on