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Bora Zemani 9 years before

Bora Zemani prezenter of Perputhen and Dancing with the Stars Albania

Bora Zemani and Donald Veshaj are among the most commented couples of the Albanian showbizz. The famous couple were rumored for a separation, but after a while they solved the problems and returned to each other’s arms, more in love than ever.

Recently, the moderator posted a video alongside the comedian as she showed off the festive atmosphere in her home. As Christmas is approaching, Bora Zemani has placed the decorated tree at home to “welcome” the holidays. She posted pictures of the decorated tree highlighting a deer that caused a “clash” between her and Donald Veshaj.

While the actor reached out to pet the deer, Bora Zemani pushed him away by shooting him jokingly. After “a fight”, Donald Veshaj removes the deer from the tree, but the moderator takes it from his hand and puts it back in place. In the sweet video, posted on InstaStory, she shows that the footage was filmed at 1:50 p.m., after midnight. It seems that the couple will spend the holidays together.