Albania celebrates the 108th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence

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108 years ago, Albania was declared independent in Vlora by Ismail Qemali. The declaration of independence was made on November 28, 1912, which was attended by 83 delegates from all Albanian territories.

After the Declaration of Independence in Vlora, the first government of Independent Albania was formed, led by Qemali, while the international recognition of independence and the delimitation of borders took place a year later at the Conference of Ambassadors of the Six Great Powers (London 1913).

Albania remained dissatisfied with the decision to establish it as sovereign by the Ottoman Empire, but under the supervision of the International Control Commission, while a large part of the territories of the Albanian state was left outside the borders.

The Provisional Government of Albania was the first government created by the Assembly of Vlora on December 4, 1912. Its creation was decided by the National Assembly of Vlora, which at the request of Ismail Qemali determined the composition of the government. Ismail Qemali, in addition to the post of Prime Minister, also held the post of Foreign Minister. The Assembly also elected the Elders, who functioned as an advisory and supervisory body to the government.

Many provinces joined the Provisional Government of Vlora recognizing it as the government of all Albania. The government achieved significant results in creating the state apparatus and in creating a judicial system according to European models.

Press statement of Michael Pompeo, Secretary of State: As Albania celebrates its National Day, I extend congratulations on behalf of the United States Government and the American people. This year, we also celebrate the European Union’s decision to open accession negotiations for Albania, a sign of the significant progress that Albania has made in implementing the reforms necessary for EU membership.

We commend Albania for its leadership as the 2020 OSCE chair and appreciate all that it has done to demonstrate its commitment to the Transatlantic community.  Albania plays a central role in helping ensure peace and stability as part of the NATO Alliance, and the United States stands by Albania as a steadfast Ally. I wish safety and health to the Albanian people as we work together to overcome the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

United States of America ambassador in Albania, Yuri Kim: On Nov 28, 1912, Ismail Qemali raised the #kuqezi, declaring Albania independence from the Ottoman Empire. Long live independent Albania! Long live the courageous spirit of Qemali & Skanderbeg! Happy Independence Day, dear Albanian friends!

EU ambassador in Tirana, Luigi Soreca: Happy Independence Day #AlbaniaFlag of Albania! This year we pay tribute to the Albanians that lost their battle against #COVID19 and to the sacrifice of Albanian doctors and nurses that are in the frontline every day. The #EU Flag of European Union stands by the Albania people.