Adorable moment a group of elephant’s rush to welcome a baby orphan into their family after his mother died when he was four months’ old

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This is the heart-warming moment a herd of elephants rushed to welcome a baby orphan into their family.

Dok Geaw’s mother died when he was just four months old because she was forced to work in the logging industry despite being injured from giving birth.

Be that as it may, when her stranded child was saved over a year later by the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai Province, northern Thailand, a sympathetically group promptly took him in as their own.

A video shared to YouTube existing apart from everything else Dok Geaw trumpeted to alarm different elephants of his appearance has been seen more than 1.4million occasions since it was transferred a weekend ago.

Five grown-up elephants and an infant hurried across a field to welcome their new relative.

They jabbed probably at him with their trunks through the bars of his fenced in area as though to nestle and solace him.

The attendants are trusting that one of the elephants, grandma Yai Bua, will assume the part of Dok Geaw’s non-permanent mother.

After over a year at an Elephant preservation focus in Lampang, Dok Geaw was gotten and moved to the Elephant Nature Park to be acquainted with another family.

The youth was painstakingly headed to his new home in an outdoors truck, with a few volunteers close by to keep him quiet and shower him with water to help him stay cool.

Volunteer Debbie Charlesworth said: ‘It was simply totally excellent to watch these sublime monsters just come flying across to see this new animal that they have here.’

David Doust, another Australian volunteer who assisted with Dok Geaw’s turn, added: ‘With Dok Geaw trumpeting, they came dashing over.’

Fanatics of the child elephant have taken to web-based media to communicate their pleasure at his recently discovered family.

Rita Tanzi-Stevenson said on Facebook: ‘Good gracious – what a wonderful sight.

‘This is an exceptionally critical joint effort from the granny elephant, and the other grown-up elephant who appear to be taking a main interest in Dok Geaw’s prosperity.

‘Elephant(s) consistently have space in their benevolent central cores to adore and mind.’

Ted Trager added: ‘Elephants are the best animals. Look how concerned and energetic they are to invite the new child!’

While Lesliet58 said: ‘The elephants truly have an unpredictable social framework and are family orientated.’

Elephant Nature Park is a preservation project devoted to giving a safe-haven to previous hostage working elephants, just as different creatures.