5 Tricks to Charge Phone Battery Faster

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We want our phone to charge as fast as possible, even if it means messing up our little digital friend. Well, there’s a right way to charge your gadgets fast so they serve you longer – and there’s some wrong ways!

For example, cheap and unknown charging devices can ruin the battery. There have even been cases when batteries caught fire because of a poor-quality charger! So, guys, avoid the myths and try these tips!

One of the big myth is to not charge phone often. But in fact you have to charge phone often as possible, but little by little. If you charge it to 100% and use the gadget until it’s completely drained, then the battery will withstand about 500-700 recharge cycles.

If you let it go down to 50% and plug it in for a short time, let it run down a bit again, and so on – your battery will withstand about 1,000 cycles. This comes to about 3 years if you charge the phone every day. The ideal level is always keeping the phone between 40 and 80%.

1. The quickest way to juice up is to turn the phone off. 2. The phone also charges faster in Airplane Mode. 3. If you can’t go without Internet while you’re phone’s charging, at least try to stick to Wi-Fi. 4. Turn off the sound so the charge lasts longer, and don’t forget the vibration! 5. The phone will charge much quicker if you do it through an outlet.

2. Use an original charger from the manufacturer. 7. Keep your phone out of direct sunlight or frost. 8. Don’t let it over heat or freeze either. 9. Your phone feels really hot and stuffy in a case, so remove it. 10. If you have an older phone, unplug it when the battery’s fully charged.

3. If you have a newer phone, it’s not such a big worry. The latest models have a built-in feature that blocks the charging as soon as the battery’s at 100%. 12. Charge the phone as often as possible, but little by little.

4. Still, you should “train” your battery capacity once a month. You do that by letting it run down to 0% and then fully charging it up to 100. This “exercise” will help calibrate the mechanisms that are responsible for the correct display charge level. But, again, don’t do this often because it can shorten your battery’s lifespan.

5. Monitor the status of your battery. You can download apps for Android and iPhone that show you how worn out your battery is and what its peak performance stands at. 14. There’s a myth that you shouldn’t use your phone while it’s charging. If someone has problems with this, it most likely comes down to a faulty (or non-original) charger. 15. Another common misconception is that you should close all background apps to save power. But modern phones are designed so that background apps don’t waste power.