25-year friendship: Older diver sinks underwater every day to visit his mate

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Japanese Hirooka Arakawa is 79 years of age, yet at the same time functions as a jumper in a submerged park off the shoreline of the Japanese city of Tateyama. Notwithstanding his respected age, Hirooki jumps into the water each day to his companion – a fish.

A strange companionship between a man and a fish started 25 years prior when Hirooki discovered fish outside the doors of a submerged park. He was exceptionally powerless, could scarcely move and couldn’t get nourishment for himself.

The Japanese dealt with him – taking care of him crabs each day. Following 10 days the submerged tenant felt good, however the kinship endured 25 years. The Japanese jumper is extremely connected to the fish. He is certain that he knows him as well.

As indicated by researchers, some fish species can recognize human countenances, yet this reality has not been deductively demonstrated.

The fish Hirooki is companions with is the Asian wrasse.

This is a curious animal and many would call it ugly. The wrasse has a few circular outgrowths on its brow and jaw. In any case, for the Japanese, his companion is by all accounts quite charming.